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Tetra Freshwater Tropical Fish, Keeping and Caring For Tetra Tropical Fish

Updated on July 15, 2010

Types of Tetra freshwater tropical fish

Of all the types of freshwater tropical fish, perhaps the most popular and common is the tetra tropical fish. Tetra tropical fish are small, normally no bigger than 2 inches or so long. They come in many different colors and shapes and in general are one of the easiest freshwater tropical fish to care for.

Tetra tropical fish are also reasonably priced and are normally very healthy, more reasons why they are so popular for freshwater tropical fish aquariums. However there are a few things you should know about tetra tropical fish to avoid problems or stress.

The most popular type of tetra tropical fish is the Neon tetra fish. Found in freshwater streams of Peru, Colombia and Brazil, they are easy to care for. The Congo tetra fish is a bit harder to care for and is more prone to stress.

The Serpae tetra fish, also known as red serpa, blood characin and other names is a beautiful red color that can vary in many different shades. However there are many other tetra tropical fish commonly sold for freshwater tropical fish aquariums.

Such as the Cardinal tetra fish, Black Skirt tetra fish, Bloodfin tetra fish, Black Phantom tetra fish and Lemon tetra fish. Plus a few more, all part of the same family of freshwater tropical fish, all small in size and in general easy to care for.

Tetra Freshwater Tropical Fish

Tetra freshwater tropical fish
Tetra freshwater tropical fish
Tetra freshwater tropical fish
Tetra freshwater tropical fish
Tetra freshwater tropical fish
Tetra freshwater tropical fish

Keeping freshwater tropical tetra fish in groups

If you choose to get some tetra tropical fish for your aquarium, it's important to know that they are a very social type of tropical fish. Therefore you should always keep between 8 or more tetra fish together, as they are a schooling fish.

If you don't they will feel vulnerable and threatened and will get highly stressed out. Never, ever get just one or two tetra freshwater tropical fish, as they will become so stressed they will die quickly. A dark substrate will calm them and show off their colors better.

Another trick to help freshwater tropical tetra fish keep calm and happy is to arrange your aquarium decorations so that there are many small hiding spots for them. So remember, keep at least 8 tetra tropical fish together, use darker substrate and give them plenty of hiding spots.

Keeping the right water temperature is vital for tetra fish health and stress also. 73 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, and make sure it is kept very clean.

Tips on keeping your tetra freshwater tropical fish

When your planning the layout for your tetra freshwater tropical fish aquarium there are several important things to keep in mind. You should always include an area filled with plants so they can hide and feel safe. Never keep tetra tropical fish in a completely plant free aquarium as they will become stressed.

However you also should make a open area for them to swim in. A 25% to 30% area with plants and the rest open is a good idea. Adding floating plants that dim the light a little will encourage tetra fish to swim around in the open more.

Changing the water frequently and keeping it clean is the best thing you can do for your tetra freshwater tropical fish. Tetra tropical fish can be added with other freshwater tropical fish that are peaceful in nature.

However avoid putting tetra fish in with aggressive tropical fish, as it will stress them out very quickly. Getting tetra freshwater tropical fish for your aquarium adds a lot of color and they are fun to watch. Keep these simple tips in mind and your tetra freshwater tropical fish will be happy while giving you hours of visual enjoyment!


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    • profile image

      lak101499 4 years ago

      These are the hardiest fish I have ever had, we've had them for 2 years, only four, and just now has one disappeared. I have the fish with black fins and the orange body! Absolutely amazing fish, we feed them normal flake food. Ours were never stressed in their small group, and we think the cats might have finally harpooned one. Not sure how they managed that, though...

    • jonno96 profile image

      jonno96 5 years ago from Australia

      I love tetras. Really need to get an individual tank for them!

    • Kevlin profile image

      Kevlin 7 years ago

      In Indonesia, this fish is much loved by young children.

      Cool and Nice....!!

    • Bill Manning profile image

      Bill Manning 7 years ago from Orlando, Fl.

      Sorry to hear about your fish. Yeah they need very clean water high in oxygen. Maybe next time you will do better with them. :)

    • gadfly profile image

      gadfly 7 years ago from Ojai, California

      Good article. Easy to read.

      I tried several times to keep Cardinals in a Biorb fish tank with plants & 2 water frogs but the fish died. I was told that the tank was too small and maybe the nitrates were killing them. I finally gave up. I need a bigger tank. One day. I am a landscape architect and had fun designing the aquarium with plants and found that the Cardinals look great in with them. I guess they didn't think so.