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The 12 Days Of Christmas Equine Style

Updated on December 23, 2018
Ellison Hartley profile image

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

Peanut the reindeer pony
Peanut the reindeer pony | Source

On The First Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

A turn-key equestrian facility. I'm talking riding rings, indoor and outdoor. Big box stalls with pretty dutch doors. A run-in shed in every field. Every field has lush pasture. Trail access from the property would be an added bonus!

The indoor should have a heated and air-conditioned viewing area. There would be a lounge and a locker room for boarders to keep their tack. My own private tack room/office.

I would like the aisleway to have brick pavers, and I would like a leaf blower to use to keep it clean. While we are on the equipment tangent. A turn-key equestrian facility would need a tractor with a front-end loader, an arena drag, a manure spreader...I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I just want to have the whole set up please, ready to go.

Zoe | Source

On The Second Day Of Christmas,My True Love Gave To Me

A beautiful money tree that blooms all year round. A money tree that I can pick off of every month when I need to pay board, take a lesson, or pay some other horse related bill.

It needs to be the kind that blooms often enough that there is leftover money to pick for tack store trips, and tickets to events like the Rolex Kentucky Event and the Preakness.


On The Third Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

Another money tree actually. Along with a stocking stuffer of money tree seeds to plant a whole money tree orchard. That way you can share the wealth with your barn buddies and are safe in the event of a veterinary emergency or something bad like that.


On The Fourth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

The second horse of my choice to ride when my main horse is lame or sick.Not just any old back up horse though. I have high standards, a bay gelding with lots of chrome around 16.2-17 hands. One that is a well trained so that if I don't ride him every day he won't kill me. He needs to have a prepurchase exam to make sure that he doesn't have any underlying problems that could prevent him from doing back up duty.


On The Fifth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

I'm thinking a back up for the backup horse, just in case. I mean, we know horses are accident prone so you can never be too careful, right? Again, I'm not talking just any horse, it has to be flashy and well trained. A black and white paint would be a good back up for the backup horse. Obviously, the back up for the back up has to be extra sturdy! He also needs to be even better trained since he will probably get ridden even less than the backup horse will.


On The Sixth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

A farrier that returns his phone calls and text messages in a timely manner. In fact, a person farrier for the turnkey facility so you never have to worry about getting a hold of him. He would work exclusively for the farm, so be available at a moments notice for shoeing emergencies.


On The Seventh Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

A brand new pick up truck with a matching trailer. It needs to be at least a three horse. So you can haul your main horse and the two backups. Maybe a four-horse so you can bring a friends horse with you. It needs to have a tack room and living quarters. Not that you would actually sleep in it, but you need air conditioning and heat at the shows. Plus, it would be so nice to warm up and have a nice cup of coffee or cocoa after a brisk trailer ride.


On The Eight Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

A round pen.A nice shiny silver one. Everybody wants a round pen. There are so many uses for them. Turnout, doing groundwork, riding young horses. Sticking extra horses until you integrate them with the herd.

Let's face it. The cool farms have round pens. If you don't use it, it doesn't, matter. It will make your farm look really good.


On The Ninth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

Color coordinated everything. Helmet cover, brush box, brushes, halter, leadline..the works! All in my favorite colors. No one will ever doubt if something belongs to me or one of my horses because the colors will say it all. Perfect color coordination is essential in barn life and a heck of a Christmas gift.


On The Tenth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

Brass nameplates on all my tack. Bridle, saddle, halter, stall door. The barn people if they can't figure it out by the colors will see the brass nameplates.

There will be no question of the horse's registered name, as well as a barn name. Most importantly, followed by owners name. Those shiny brass nameplates will be a stand out in the barn for sure.


On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

A hot tub. Despite what the masses think. Horseback is an athletic sport and a good workout. Nothing would be better than a hot tub to get into after a hard ride.

Not to mention, after you fall off and you are sore all over, a hot tub will be like heaven. It might even make you feel good enough to forgive your horse for whatever dumb move he made!


On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me

A baby Zebra, obviously!! What horse person doesn't want a baby zebra? That fluffy little-striped bundle of cuteness will be the icing on the cake.

With these things in 12 days, all our horsey Christmas dreams have come true.


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