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The Beauty of Salinity Aqua - 1.025 and Above That Is!

Updated on June 11, 2014

The Beauty of Saltwater Aquariums

Staring At Liquid Televisions

Saltwater aquariums are breathtaking and gorgeous to stare at all day. Some saltwater aquarium owners enjoy their saltwater aquariums so much that the aquariums become their television! It's true! Who wouldn't want to look at a "moving rainbow" all day long? I do!

Introduction to the Hobby

I started my first saltwater aquarium years ago and I finally have enough knowledge and experience keeping saltwater critters from fishes to anemones. The picture below is called "Anemone Island" because there are 3 different colors of anemones attached to the same rock inside my saltwater aquarium. And these anemones are alive and thriving in my saltwater aquarium right now. Aren't they beautiful? Yes! :)

It's an Easy Hobby

Most people think that keeping saltwater aquariums is difficult. It's not if you have enough time and patience because don't expect good results right away. In fact, you can't put any of the anemones I have in my tank within 6 months without letting the aquarium "establish" itself first.

Once you read up on the hobby, keeping a saltwater aquarium is very easy. It's so easy, it's easier than your first water change. Twenty-percent weekly water changes are necessary and part of the main ingredient to keeping a healthy and successful saltwater aquarium.

Anemone Island

This is Lucky our Clown Fish


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