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The Best Aquarium Filters to Use For Cichlids

Updated on December 1, 2017

Buying a New Aquarium Filter For Cichlids

Whether your starting a new aquarium and looking for a high performance aquarium filter or just upgrading to a better aquarium filter. Its important to know what kind of aquarium filter is best for the type of fish that you are trying to care for. Cichlids like the red tiger oscar as well as other Cichlids are very dirty fish and are capable of producing a lot of waste due to their messy feeding nature. Due to this fact, its very important that your aquarium has a very efficient aquarium filter.

Aquarium filters are important when it comes to keeping your aquarium healthy, keeping ammonia and nitrate levels to a minimum and keeping the water in your aquarium clear. When raising any kind of cichlid in a fish tank, its important to get an aquarium filter that has superior filtration capabilities in regards to the size of your fish tank.

For Example: If you have a 29 gallon and you plan on having a cichlid tank. You want a stronger aquarium filter that supports 60 - 75 gallon fish tanks. If you follow this rule, you will find it much easier to maintain a healthy aquarium.

  • I have a 29 gallon with a aquarium filter that is built for 60 gallons, and that aquarium filter has played a significant role when it comes to keeping my aquarium healthy.
  • At the same time, I have another 29 gallon aquarium with an aquarium filter that is builty for a 20 - 30 gallon tank. The ammonia and nitrate levels are much harder to control in this tank because it lacks superior filtration. Furthermore, the cichlids that I am raising in the fish tank seem less healthy, less energetic, and they have not grown much compared to the 29 gallon tank that I have that has an aquarium filter that is built for 60 gallons. The cleaner your aquarium is, the faster your cichlids will grow.
  • I also have a 55 gallon tank that uses a Penguin Bio-Wheel 350 Power Filter. The Penguin Bio-Wheel 350 Power Filter is one of the best aquarium filters out there. It does a great job of keeping my aquarium clean and it does a great job of maintaining a healthy aquarium using 3 stage aquarium filtration. Its built for aquariums with up to 70 gallons and is considered a high flow aquarium filter. The Bio-Wheel 350 Power filter is also capable of filtering 350 gallons per hour (GPH) and you will find that this filter is very expensive at the pet store. But you can get this filter at a really good price on Amazon. In fact, amazon sells this filter for less than half of what you would pay for it at a pet store.

High Flow Aquarium Filters

Cichlids Need High Flow Aquarium Filters

It's recommended that cichlid aquariums have high flow aquarium filters because cichlids are large fish, especially cichlids like the Red Tiger Oscar and other similar fish. Not only are cichlids large aquarium fish, but they are also very messy. They eat food and spit it out, they eat other fish, and they create a lot of waste because they are always hungry. For this reason, having a high flow aquarium filter can help you keep your aquarium clean and minimize water quality maintenance.

Although, this may sound like a problem it really isn't. It just means that you should strongly consider upgrading your aquarium filter or consider buying an aquarium filter that generates substantial filtration. As I stated in the paragraph above, if you have a 29 gallon aquarium: It might be a good idea to get an aquarium filter that is designed for a 30-60 gallon aquarium.


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    • profile image

      Sara 7 years ago

      Thanks for the advice, I have 2 convict cichlids in a 29 gallon and I have a filter setup for 55 gallon.

    • profile image

      Lauren 7 years ago

      Thanks for the advice, I agree with you. It's much easier to keep an aquarium clean, healthy and balanced when you have good filtration. I also use the marineland bio wheel and I love it