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The Best Dog E-Collars and Flea Collars for 2018

Updated on August 19, 2018

Your Dog Deserves the Best Collar for the Money

Dog collars are a very important accessory. As a dog owner, the comfort of your pet should be at the top of your priority list. That being said, each individual dog is different.

That is why there is more than one dog electronic collar and flea collar that does a great job of comforting and protecting dogs. I’ve put together a list of the best 3 dog collars out there. These collars actually fit in three different categories of collar, but are the best for their type. I hope this information will help you make a more educated decision in buying your E-collar, flea collar, or dog calming collar (the last of the collars that I chose to reveiw).

Continue reading to see the differences between each, and find which is best for your budget and (more importantly) your canine friend.

Bayer Seresto’s Flea and Tick Collar

This dog collar comes in two sizes: small and large. This dog collar is unique because it offers advanced protection against fleas and ticks, for up to 8 months. The gradual release of the flea medication allows the collar to last as long as advertised.

At the same time, it is an odorless collar that is not greasy at all. Another feature of this dog collar is that it is water-resistant. That means that even after a monthly bathing, the collar will still ward off fleas and ticks as well as it did the first day. No need to remove the collar every time your dog is going to get wet. However, if your dog likes to take a swim more than twice a month, the lifetime effectiveness may drop by as much as three months. This won't affect most users, but is good to know if your dog is a big water lover!

The Bayer Seresto collar is currently ranked #1 under “Flea and Tick Collars” on Amazon

Firsthand Owner Review of the Bayer Seresto Collar

Sport DOG Rechargeable No Bark Collar

Sport DOG Rechargeable No Bark Collar

This high-tech dog collar is perfect for those of you who are trying to train your dog. It is a very simple and safe way of stopping your dog from over-barking.

The collar lets you pick from 3 training modes that sense barking and send gentle electric pulses to your dog that will train him or her to stop barking excessively. The collar is painless and effective. Even an erratic dog can become calm and happy by the use of this collar.

The flexibility of the Sportdog makes it superior to its competitors such as Tritonics and Remington. It has more programming options for the shock levels and the ability to recharge the battery. These options are limited or missing in competing collars, further making this my #1 pick for no bark collars.

Also, there are no false triggers, so you can rest assured that your dog will be safe while being trained by this collar. The collar only goes off when your dog barks, not for every sound that it makes. Users report that their dog can growl, whine, and shake his head, and the collar will not falsely trigger. Of course, eating, drinking, and playing with other dogs is also not affected.

It should be noted that you fit the collar properly as it uses the vibration of your canines vocal chords in conjunction with the sound of barking to cause a shock to be emitted.

To give you further peace of mind this E collar uses Drytek waterproofing technology that allows it to be submerged up to 25 feet.

Tired of charging those batteries, well the Sport DOG collar lasts from 3 to 6 months per charge with its Nimh battery!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, this collar can be snatched up for under $80 with free shipping.

Need more info on the Sportdog Collar? Watch this!

The Best Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) Collar

Adaptil D.A.P. Collar

This collar is great for improving the social behavior of your dog. If your dog is easily frightened during thunderstorms or when separated from you, this collar can greatly lower anxiety.

After a few days of your dog wearing this collar, you should start to see their anxiety start to fade. D.A.P. stands for Dog Appeasing Pheromone, which is used to calm the dog down. The effects of the collar will last for about one month.

The Adaptil D.A.P. Collar is also the cheapest out of the collars featured on this hub, and it is still a fantastic collar.

Real world users have seen big changes in their dogs when it comes to thunderstorm anxiety, peeing too much, unfamiliar environments, and car sickness. Results seem to be more effective in some breeds and less pronounced in others, although the manufacturer states that it works for all breeds. You may have to consult your vet and see if these collars are right for your dog.

Stop that Yapping!

How to use the Adaptil collar

Your turn to sound off!

Are you a fan of E collars?

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Hey dog lovers tell me what you think!

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    • MVKilgore profile imageAUTHOR

      M. Victor Kilgore 

      22 months ago

      Thank you, I appreciate your input!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      22 months ago

      Although I don't have a dog, I will keep this in mind for future reference. I'm sure others who have pets will value your great advice.


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