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The Best Dog ever born

Updated on July 25, 2010
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To say that Duke has earned a place in our home for eternity is an understatement. If I could afford a Gold kibble bowl, he would have it.

On Easter Sunday 2 years ago, my 2 wayward daughters came in with this little fur ball, and I do mean ‘fur’ ball, he was all hair. The story that they found him walking on the side of the road, and they were afraid he was going to get run over, was the best they came up with. I 'knew' something was up and I pestered them for the truth. After a few days they came out with the ‘true’ story, they seen him and a bunch of puppies playing in a yard and asked the lady if they could have one. He was so adorable, of course they were forgiven.

At first glance he looked like a St. Bernard pup, then I thought, maybe collie? No, not sure exactly what kind of dog he was. It really didn't matter he was too cute. I imagined Duke would grow into a very large dog, his paws were enormous. It was not to be, he was a small dog with lots of hair.

I could see the intelligence in his eyes. When you spoke to him he turned his head completely from side to side, as if he was truly listening to what you had to say, and interested as well.

He was not like any puppy I had ever experienced. He never went through the chewing stage, did not get into any garbage. Potty training was extremely fast, with hardly any accidents. He was not rambunctious and I cannot recall if he had any behavior that I had to correct. He never has growled or even showed his teeth. It was like he was born an adult dog.

Within 2 months we had a new addition to our family, my grandson was born in June. I watched the two of them growing together, and it was wonderful. He was very gentle with the new baby. When he started to crawl, Duke was there to watch over him. When he began to pull himself up he was used as a holding post. From time to time the baby would get his mouth full of fur, we just cleaned him up and away they went. If the baby hurt him in anyway by stepping on him he would just grunt and tough it out. They were 'Best Bud’s' forever.

When Duke was about 15 months old, the baby being 13 months old, and walking quite well, we would walk through the yard with Duke standing guard, getting in front of the baby at the oddest of times. Later it was to be discovered a pot hole, or some Bees on the ground, even pickers on the ground that could hurt little feet. What a good babysitter I had!

One day, both the baby and Duke were in the house, the baby standing at the door with the window open so he could hang his hands out and catch some sun, Duke standing next to him looking out as well. There was a terrible ruckus with dogs snarling and thumping around on our deck. I seen the black of one dog very near the door, it was the neighbors 3 dogs on our deck, and they are known to be vicious. Duke leapt through the window, and ran to the edge of the deck. Before I could do anything, Duke was being attacked by the 3 dogs. They had taken him off the deck and he was on his back while they were attacking him, jaws snapping and fur flying. My husband came running from the garden and I went out to help Duke. We managed to get them off of him and send them on their way.
Duke was unharmed Thank God. I would assume that was due to all the fur he carry’s around, protecting his neck.

He came in, sniffed the baby, gave him a good once over, to make sure he was unharmed as well.

I know there are dogs who will protect their owners in the face of calamity. It seemed to me that Duke went above and beyond the call of duty. He deliberately put himself in harm’s way to distract the attention of the other dogs and draw them away from where the baby was standing. Assuring that ‘his’ baby was well protected.

All the fur on my carpet and the dirt attached to the fur, is welcome in my home for a lifetime, as long as God sees fit to let us keep him, he will have a place in our home and hearts.


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    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 7 years ago from Michigan

      Awwww, if you only knew... I haven't published the story yet, but Duke was hit by a car on October 12th 2009 and killed. Maybe his spirit was somewhere near when you were reading it. The story of how it happened is quite touching. We think he was protecting the female who had pups in the brush pile nearby.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Sweetsusieg, you are right, this is a great dog story! What a little love. All the dogs in the neighborhood began howling when I started to read this story- I kid you not! Duke must be well known!

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks ahorseback, I do so love dogs!! I will get to all of my animals sooner or later! LOL Just takes time to put the words in the proper order.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 7 years ago

      We dog lovers are a lucky bunch aren't we? I have a choc. lab - Bud and a golden retreiver named Gus they are my best friends......oh and the cat named Spot.....great story..

    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 7 years ago

      What a wonderful heartwarming story! I love dogs, and cats for that matter.

      I miss having a dog. If and when I retire I am seriously considering getting one.

      I wish you much joy with the new addition to your family.

      Welcome to HP!

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 7 years ago from Michigan


    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

      I love dogs....welcome to HubPages! :)