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The Best Dog for Newlyweds and Committed Couples

Updated on January 2, 2012

The best dog for a couple fits their current and future lifestyle. There are several factors to consider because adding pets to a relationship can enhance or strain it.

The Big Decision

Caring for a dog, especially a puppy is a joint effort. Both of you should want a dog to prevent arguments down the road. Starting the day with a spouse announcing, “Your dog pooped by the back door again” will cause serious marital damage. So avoid a nagging headache and make sure the decision is unanimous.

Future Lifestyle

The average lifespan of a dog is twelve years. By the time your dog reaches old age, your lifestyle will have changed considerably. Picking a dog on impulse, without proper research could be a disaster. High energy dogs will still need exercise even though you’ve been up all night with the baby. So. you’ll be surprised how quickly our dog becomes your dog after kids.

Envision your life with a family dog. Do you love gathering friends and hosting barbecues on weekends? Or are you a hop in the car and explore kind of couple? Your dog wants to be with you, not contained in a crate or a kennel. And being honest, some breeds are intimidating to visitors and others don’t travel well because they’re too big or too high strung.

A Lasting Relationship

Any dog will need good manners to make him sit well with you and your spouse for years to come. Start before your dog comes into the home. Be prepared by reading a good training book. Have everything set and ready to welcome your new best friend, and don’t start bad habits just to make him feel comfortable. Tossing your sock because you forgot to buy toys is trouble brewing.

The Best Dog for the Long Run

The best dog is chosen carefully. Mutts are great but ask the shelter about how old the dog is and what they think the mix is, so you can look up the traits of the parents.

A young husky-akita mix might not be the right choice for a couple who is not active or assertive, but an older lab-poodle might be just right.

Open your hearts to a new addition with a wise mind and you will all have a happy life and lasting relationship.


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    • DS Duby profile image

      DS Duby 5 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Great article very interesting, our first do in our relationship was a 3 week old boxer he wasn't even finished weening but the owner owner of it's parents wanted it gone because it's whining "annoyed her". anyway I had him "Hercules for 12 years until last October he had a cancerous tumor on his leg and had to be put to sleep. He was a 105 lb indoor dog that went everywhere with me including work. Now we have an American bulldog named Loki that we adopted at 9 weeks we've had him about 9 months now and he too is an awesome friend and travel companion. As you can tell I like the large energetic breeds but the certainly fit our lifestyle and make us very happy. voted up awesome and interesting.