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The Best Pet Spa for Dogs and Cats in Pilar, Buenos Aires

Updated on June 4, 2012

Minou at the Pet Spa

It is not easy when you have to leave your pet behind when you are traveling. Those among you owning pets know that the beloved pet is part of the family and you cannot just leave them with anyone or anywhere.

I am a true animal lover and I spoil my two black 1.5 year old dachshunds as often as I can. As I work at home, they are basically with me 24/7. So finding a place where I knew they would be fine was going to be hard.

I was lucky to find a really great place for them. It is the “Spa Para Mascotas” (Pet Spa) in Pilar, Buenos Aires which is a boarding kennel for dogs and cats. The first time I called them, the Spa offered to pick up Snoopy and Minou with their Pet Spa van. I was curious but also nervous. They pulled up in front of my house with a small orange van that was painted with the logo of the pet spa and images of dogs. Snoopy and Minou were put into two travel boxes for pets and put into the back of the van. Of course they were scared, but the owners of the spa, a married couple, came to pick them up and they were very nice. They assured me they were going to be perfectly fine.

And they were more than perfectly fine. The services the Spa offers are incredible.

Snoopy and Minou in the Spa's Pool

Services for Dogs

The dogs are supervised 24 hours and a veterinarian is always present and watching the animals’ health permanently. They are free to go inside our out of the dog houses where they can play, swim, rest and eat. The park has an area of 1 hectare with big lawns, trees and a playground for dogs! The property is surrounded by wire faces and a stable metal gate which makes it impossible for the dogs to escape. The rooms where the dogs can play are equipped with sofas, pillows, couches, tunnels and pet toys. It is a paradise for every pet! The pool is the greatest attraction in the hot season as the summers in Buenos Aires can get very hot with a temperature of up to 40°C. One of the greatest services for me is the pictures that the Spa takes and uploads to their facebook page. One of the best pictures I received from the pet spa was a picture of them swimming in the pool. I have about a dozen pictures of them running around on their lawns and playing with the other dogs. These are some really great memories!

The dogs sleep in their own little room but Snoopy and Minou always shared one since they are used to sleeping together. Small dogs are separated from big dogs which ensures the well-being of the animals and their comfort and security.

Services for Cats

I do not have a cat so I cannot personally tell you about my experience with cats with them, but I am pretty sure the service is just as amazing as the service for dogs. There is a second kennel for cats in the capital of Buenos Aires (Núñez) but cats can also stay in Pilar. The cats have their own rooms with real tree trunks where they can sharpen their claws, tunnels and toys. They are not put into cages and perfectly free to move around.

The cats are in a space that measures between 30 and 180 square meters which is absolutely safe and there is absolutely no way for them to escape.

Snoopy and Minou running at the Spa in the fall


When I left them at the dog spa for a week in February 2012, which is the high season in Argentina as it is summer and everyone goes to the Argentinean coast, I paid USD 42 per night for both of them. They give me a discount of 20% for the second dog. The price for one dog would thus be approx. USD 24 per night. If the spa brings them and picks them up, you will have to pay USD 63 in total. But you don’t have to worry about how to get them to Pilar, which is the province of Buenos Aires and impossible to reach with 2 dogs if you don’t have a car.


It is recommended to book the stay of your dog or cat well in advance. If you have any doubts you should take a look at the spa personally and see if this is the place you are looking for. I was given a tour of the place once and one of the employees explained me the operation of the Spa in detail and took the time to show me the rooms where the dogs play, sleep and rest. My dogs already know the employees of the spa and have built up a relationship with them which is one more reason why I keep choosing them when I am traveling once again. You can even book online on their website which is a service they have only been offering since this year.

If your dog or cat is on a diet, you can let the spa know and they will continue feeding your pet the food of your choice. You can also give the spa your pet’s favorite blanket or pillow or a t-shirt that smells like you or a person the pet is close to. You will see that your dog will be very happy at the spa though and will find many friends. I was told Snoopy and Minou found “una banda de amigos” (a load of friends) there. I am truly happy and satisfied with this spa and after having left them at the kennel around 5 times I can say they can absolutely be trusted and your pet will have enjoyed his vacation just as much as you will have.


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