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The Best Pet Videos on YouTube

Updated on April 14, 2015

Dog Wants a Kitty

This incredible video has been viewed over twenty-five million times, and I wouldn't be surprised if a million of those hits were mine. It's just one of those things with all the elements that keeps me wanting to see it again. The main character is an amiable mutt that actually seems to have the ability to talk. Kudos to the producer for coming up with such a unique and funny video of a dog that's beside himself when he thinks he might actually be getting that kitty for a special friend.

Guilty Dog

Anyone who's been around a dog for any length of time knows it's only a matter of time before he or she gets into some kind of trouble. This video features "Denver" who can't seem to look his human in the eye when he's interrogated about just who got into the kitty treats when said human was out and about.

Cats Sleeping in Weird Positions

One of the many things that always fascinated me about cats has been just how different their personalities can range from one cat to another. I think dogs have some quirks too, but my experience has been that cats really take it to another level whether it's how they interact with each other, humans or the environment as a whole. This video demonstrates how different cats can be when it comes to catching some shuteye.

Cat Shower

Here is another example of how some cats are just different. I can't imagine my cat putting her head under a stream of water coming out of the faucet. Not only would she be terrified of the sound the water would make when it hit her skull, she wouldn't remotely enjoy her fur getting mussed up. Yes, my wife and I tried to give her a bath. Once.

Dog and Deer: BFF's

Speaking of different, how is it some animals who should be incompatible at best or mortal enemies at worst, enjoy each others company so much. Kate the dog and Pip the deer enjoy romping around the yard and taking naps together, until it's time for Pip to go back into the woods to re-connect with her deer family. If these two can get along, maybe there's hope for humans too; if they just pay attention.

Pet Ownership

If you're making a dog or cat a part of your family, please consider the consequences of your decision before you make it. That pretty little puppy or kitten might be hard to resist, but think about the time and monetary commitment that's necessary when you become a pet's human. Many dog breeds are were originally bred for a particular job like hunting or herding. If you live in an apartment, a large dog, or an energetic breed like a terrier, wouldn't be a good choice. Also, think about the cost of feeding a dog, especially if it's an extremely large canine variety. If you're looking for an outside dog for a watchdog, be sure there's enough fenced in room for the dog to move freely without having to be chained, and make sure there's a doghouse, or suitable shelter from the elements, that has comfortable padding or straw for the dog to sleep on. Be sure and socialize with the dog every day, and bring the dog inside in cold and inclement weather.

Though cats don't generally require as much money to feed and house, most require quite a bit of lap time and human interaction. If it's strictly and inside cat, a litter box is a must, and it should be cleaned every day, and refreshed with new litter on an as needed basis. Most inside cats like to go outside from time to time. It's always a good idea to pay attention when your cat stands at the door and cries to go outside. Some cats actually do quite well on a leash and harness, but be prepared for a lot of trial and error when it comes to getting your cat on a leash. You might find your cat enjoys a ride in the car every once in a while, but don't be surprised if he or she doesn't take to it at all.

Whether you end up with a cat or dog, or both, there's always the possibility that medical bills will crop up in a big way. Pets can be susceptible to a wide range of maladies, just like humans. Consider pet insurance as a way for your pet to have the best care, if needed, and for your peace of mind as well.


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