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The Advantages of Being a Cat

Updated on September 8, 2014

Felines are one notch above all other animals because unlike others they know they were meant to rule the world but somehow have to live with the fact that the monkeys got there first. So in this imperfect world here are a few things that make it for the cuddliest and wiliest felines ever:-

I'm Cuddly and I Know It

Let’s begin with the most obvious advantage that cats have over humans – they are cuddly nightmares. Just pick up one and you wouldn’t want to put it down. They even know all the subtle moves to keep you going, like flopping over onto their backs and offering you their super-soft underbellies, or looking at you with their liquid cat eyes as they bump their head under your palm. You may be thinking, Aww, it likes me! But in reality, if you have just met the cat, then it is only there for the petting pleasure.

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Freedom is My Right

Cats are not called queens for no reason. Try to kiss them without their permission and they will scrunch their nose in disgust and turn their face away, or even raise their paw in protest. Try to box them in, they will find a way to escape. Don’t give them food on time, you will find them munching on some stray rat or even a cockroach they found somewhere.

I am sure if cats had mental faculties as evolved as ours, they would have rolled their eyes at the humans who conform to society simply because everyone else is doing the same. After all, a cat is perfectly fine being on its own.

They Can Scare Dogs

Thought dogs chased cats up trees? Then you must not have seen YouTube videos where the feline pet of a human family sends the canine pet scurrying for its life by simply standing in its way.

They Have a Goddess

Bastet is the Egyptian Cat Goddess whose body is that of a woman and whose head is that of a cat. Considered a fierce warrior and protector, Bastet’s subjects (our furry companions) show these characteristics remarkably well, because unlike dogs, cats would never do anything as unsophisticated as biting the enemy. They would simply unleash those retractable claws and rain hell on you.

I don't think there are any other animals who have a goddess all to themselves.

The Body of a Cat

Feline anatomy is so freaking amazing that sometimes I feel they are indestructible. Ever tried to drop a cat on its back one inch off the ground? IT. NEVER. WORKS. They always land on their feet. Cats don’t even blink twice before jumping off the first floor to hit ground. Try doing that with a human and see how many bones survive the fall.

Cats also have a strange relationship with boxes. Leave an empty one around, however small, and the next time you look at it a pair of green eyes will be gazing back at you from within the impossible space. Sometimes I feel they are simply fooling us stupid humans to believe they are solid.

But life is not always sunshine and rats.

Think out of the box...
Think out of the box...

Cats can warm your heart and melt your soul, and that's why they are so awesome. Won't you agree?

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    • ria-majumdar profile image

      ria-majumdar 3 years ago from Manipal

      You have summed it up exactly the way it is. :)

    • momsdoworkathome profile image

      Katina Davenport 3 years ago from Michigan

      I am not a cat lover, but I did have a cat in my house at one time. My aunt came to live with my family when I was younger and she brought her cat along. The cat did strange things. I never thought I would see a cat climb a wall to the ceiling. It freaked me out. Cats are smart animals and kind of remind me of women. They know what they want and know how to tell you!