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The CatGenie! An Automatic Cat Litter Box That Scoops the Poop for You!

Updated on January 26, 2010

I adore cats! They are wonderful, independent animals …not to mention, easy to care for! If you own a cat, then you already know that the litter box is a very important part of your cat's life. In fact, in my opinion, the litter box is right up there with food, water and medical care. Choosing the RIGHT litter box for your cat is of the utmost importance. After all, if your cat does not like your selection, he will (and trust me on this one) poop in your favorite pair of shoes. With so many different types of litter boxes on the market choosing the right box can often be a daunting task!

The world of litter boxes has come a long way baby! Of course, the standard, plastic box is probably the most popular choice as they are very inexpensive! For those of you with a little extra money to spend you might want to consider taking a dive into the world of automatic cat litter boxes! The CatGenie, for example, is one of the most popular automatic cat litter boxes sold today. Though the CatGenie is, in fact, a cat box….don't let the description fool you as it works just like a toilet and cleans like a modern washing appliance! Sounds good to me!


The CatGenie was invented by a rocket scientist along with a handful of engineers. It is sold on the internet, as well as in pet supply stores. Cat lovers around the world have nothing but good things to say about this wonderful, self-washing, self flushing cat toilet! I don't know how you feel….but the less poop I have to scoop, the better (and trust me, my cat Norman produces a lot of poop. In fact, he is a poop making machine!).

The difference between a regular litter box and the CatGenie (besides the fact that the CatGenie is self-washing and self-flushing) is the litter. Instead of regular clay clumping or biodegradable litters, the CatGenie uses washable granules that look and feel like litter (Hmmmm…I wonder if Norman would be able to tell the difference…after all, he is a cat genius!). Basically, after your cat poops (or pees), the CatGenie drains the liquid and scoops the solids. Because the CatGenie is connected to a drain within your home, the waste gets "liquefied" and shipped out (down the drain and out of your house). After the waste is sent "away" the cat safe sani-solution scrubs and scours the washable litter within the CatGenie and a built in dryer blows hot air in order to dry the granules. Brilliant! Any product that actually keeps me AWAY from cat poop and pee is WONDERFUL in my book!

Automatic cat litter boxes such as the CatGenie have really made owning a cat much easier (who knew that was even possible as cats are low maintenance to begin with!). If you decide to purchase a CatGenie, or any other automatic cat litter box, be sure to read ALL of the directions before letting your cat "do his business." Safety first my cat loving friends! It is important to remember that many cats take time to adjust to their new automatic cat box…so be patient. If you own a kitten, it is best to use a regular, plastic cat litter box until your kitten is at least six to eight months old as automatic cat boxes tend to scare them off (automatic cat boxes do make noise…but only for a short time). Good luck in your search for the perfect litter box and may you never have to "scoop the poop" again! Meow!



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    • profile image

      Chris Hugh 5 years ago

      I love the beautiful pictures! I have two CatGenies. Before that I had two LitterFrees. I've also had the Litter Robot, the LitterMaid the Scoopfree and probably some others I've forgotten. I really hate dealing with litter!

      The CatGenies are my favorite. The cats dislike them, but now I have two and they don't have a choice. Well, sometimes Mr. Kitten poops on the floor, but that's actually still better than me having to scoop a litter box. Cleaner, really.

      Anyway, I wrote a Hub about the CatGenie after I had to clean the thing today. It's sort of philosophical. :)