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The Ways Cats and Dogs are Different, Yet Similar to Each Other

Updated on March 27, 2013

The Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are two different species in the animal kingdom. Cats are felines and dogs are canines. Cats are sleeker than dogs. Cats are more agile and can run, jump, and climb trees using their sharp claws. Dogs can run long distances, and can outrun their prey, but dogs have difficulty climbing trees. Cats have retractable claws, and dogs do not. Cats are related to lions, cheetahs, tigers, and all other big cats. Dogs are related to wolves. Cats hunt as solitary creatures, while dogs in the wild hunt in packs. Cats make completely different sounds like meows, hisses, purrs and growls. Dogs bark, woof, whimper, and, also, growl and snarl. Cats are delicate in structure and dogs are more sturdily built. Cats are independent, and dogs like the company of humans, and will usually tolerate other humans, who are visiting their owners, if they do not know them at first. Cats need exercise and do not need a lot of space, so a cat can fit nicely into an apartment. Dogs need a lot of space to run around in, so that dogs can get the exercise they need, especially the larger breeds. Cat and dogs are quite different from each other.

A Dog Charging a Cat

A Dog Charging a Cat
A Dog Charging a Cat | Source

A Group of Cats and A Dog Together

Cats and a Dog together
Cats and a Dog together | Source

Different Sounds that Cats and Dogs Make

Cats and dogs make different sounds completely different from each other. Cats hiss, meow, purr, and make other vocalizations. Dogs bark, growl, woof, whine, and snarl. Cats can be affectionate when they want to be, while dogs are affectionate, and love to smooch with their wet mouths and noses. There are cats that are friendly enough to lick their owners, but not all cats are like that. When a cat is frightened its hair will stand on end. Cats have arched back, and dogs have flat backs. Cats and dogs can both run and jump, but cats are extremely agile. Dogs can run for long distances and are able to outrun their prey. Dogs go outside to the bathroom, while cats use a litter box in the house. Cats are easily trained to use littler boxes. but Its more difficult to train a puppy or dog to go outside to go to the bathroom. Another reason its so easy to train a cat to use the littler box is that cats have instincts to bury their waste.

Cats and Dogs Jumping

Stop motion of cats and dogs jumping
Stop motion of cats and dogs jumping | Source

Facts about Cats and Dogs

Cats are small and can live in small places, for instance: like an apartment or small house. Cats don't need as much room like as a dog. Dogs need lots of room to move around in, especially the larger breeds of dogs. Cats and dogs need exercise, so that they don't gain too much weight. Dogs need to go out on daily walks and need enough space to run around in, so that they can stay fit and trim.

Cats are intelligent animals, but they take longer to train than dogs, because they're so independent and like to do what they want. Dogs are, also, intelligent, and are easier to train than cats. Dogs love to please and wag their tails. Dogs are protective of their owners and families and will scare intruders away, while cats will run and hide. Cats and dogs have many similarities and differences. Cats are affectionate, as well, as dogs, and are loving animals that won't judge. Cats and dogs just want to be loved and cared about. Cats and dogs shouldn't eat chocolate, which contains substances that are poisonous to both species.

Cute Dogs

Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs | Source


1. Dogs bark, woof, growl, whine and snarl.

2. Dogs in the wild hunt in packs; dogs are pack animals related to wolves.

3. Dogs and puppies need to be trained to go outside to the bathroom.

4. Dogs' claws don't retract like cats' claws do.

5. Dogs can't climb trees well, but they can run, jump, and run long distances.

6. Dogs have flat backs unlike cats.

7. Dogs give birth to puppies.


1. Cats meow,purr, hiss, and make other vocal sounds.

2. Cats are independent, solitary, and hunt alone in the wild.

3. Cats use litter boxes to cover up and hide their waste.

4. Cats have sharp claws that are retractable.

5. Cats are good at climbing, jumping, running and are extremely agile.

6. Cats have arched backs.

7. Cats give birth to kittens.

Cats Drink Differently From Dogs

Cat vs Dog

The Ways that Cats and Dogs are Similar

1. Cats and dogs are intelligent. The can be trained to do things.

2. Cats and dogs are affectionate.

3. Cats and dogs should never eat chocolate, because chocolate is poisonous to both species.

4. Cats and dogs love to play with cat and dog toys.

5. Cats and dogs love attention, but cats are independent and like to do what they want. Dogs love to please.

6. Cats and dogs walk on their toes and have four legs.

7. Cats and dogs love to be in the company of their owners, but dogs, also, love the company of other people.


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