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A Very Unique Cat

Updated on August 16, 2013
Tucker Tabby our beautiful boy, always dreaming of his next great conquest.  Tucker is an expert bug hunter
Tucker Tabby our beautiful boy, always dreaming of his next great conquest. Tucker is an expert bug hunter | Source

Our family has a cat, actually four, who each have their own unique way of interacting with the world. Tucker Tabby, our big orange cat is quite comical, but also quite the empath. Whenever I sneeze, he blesses me by meowing until I stop. These are long meows and when I stop sneezing then he gives a satisfied short meow. At first we just thought this was a coincidence. He has done it enough times to rule that out. If anybody in the family is sick or upset for any reason, he will sit right next to them or right behind them with one paw on their shoulder or head!

As I said, we have four cats and Tucker is by far the most unique. Tucker will tuck himself into quilts or blankets. He does this by going under the blanket, then swirling around so the blankets and quilts are surrounding him, then sticks just his head out. Other times I will find him all tucked in under the coach cover or under a table with just his tail sticking out. Did he forget to hide his tail or did he just want to get away from it all? I think it's his way of letting us know that he's around, but doesn't want to be bothered at the moment.

He is the artistic empath because I catch him sleeping on his back in a kind of corkscrew position with his upper body pointed in one direction and lower body going in the other direction. As he dreams away the day, I am always prompted to ask him if the world looks better upside down. Maybe this is why he can connect with human feelings. He looks at things from many different angles. Do cats have ESP? This one sure does.

Tucker tucked in and peeking out.
Tucker tucked in and peeking out. | Source
Tucker claiming his blanket and one of his favorite scarves.
Tucker claiming his blanket and one of his favorite scarves. | Source

The Puzzle Solver

Tucker figures puzzles out. We have a stereo and he could be in the basement and he'll hear the swish of the cd player opening and he'll come flying into the room to make sure he can watch the cd player open and close. The cd player is on the second floor of the house. Tucker the Great Hunter will then jump right onto the soft quilts on the bed and go right back to sleep but this time with a little jazz music. He really responds to music. He looks like he's smiling while he's sleeping. He also understands how the Keurig Coffee Maker works. He figured out as soon as I place the water in the coffee maker and the top clicks open its coffee time which means a treat of half and half and he and the others sit expectantly waiting for their cream. SRC's (spoiled rotten cats)!

Tucker the Great Hunter
Tucker the Great Hunter | Source

The Clown

Tucker very rarely runs, but when he does, he kind of looks like a bunny rabbit on steroids. One of his many monikers is Tucker the Great Hunter because he will hunt anything. His ears move around his head like radar. Hence, his ability to hear the coffee maker open while he's all the way upstairs in the back room. One time, he was chasing a rolled up piece of tinfoil and he ran so fast he actually did a somersault. That's the first time and last time I ever saw a cat do that. The big orange round cat turned himself into a furry round ball. Did you ever see a cat flop his two front legs down (not just his paws) at the same time while launching himself along the carpet. A very unique way of moving; this is his way of catching prey. Opening the closet door in the bedroom always brings Tucker running. He insists on dash in there and playing hide and seek. This is always in the morning when I'm in a rush, so many times closet doors are left askew in our house. This is not a very neat house, but a house full of love and messes. I'll take the messes.

Always the gentle giant, he will stop in the middle of this game if you so much a sniffle. His other name is Beautiful Boy because he has a beautiful soul. He just wants everybody to be happy and being the clown and blessing us whenever we sneeze or sniffle is his way of making our lives all the better for having him here.

Tucker Floating with the Fish!
Tucker Floating with the Fish! | Source

The Contortionist

Tucker is a contortionist. He is also known as "Yogini" or "Liquid Cat" because he can drape himself over things in the strangest ways. Sometimes he'll actually sit like a person on the couch. He'll run after a ball on the floor and then tumble into a somersault. He will sit on the arm of our big brown chair with his two front paws on the cushion and his hind feet on the arm. He's so long legged that he looks completely comfortable, not as if he's going to tip over. He will seek out a person to sit next to and always put one paw near that person as if to calm them. He sleeps with his arms stretched above his head and his legs stretched out as far as they will go and will stay in this position for hours. A student of yoga could learn a lot from the Tucker Tabby School of Yoga. Amen to the goofy cats of the world.


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    • thoughtfulgirl2 profile image

      thoughtfulgirl2 3 years ago from East Coast

      Yes he is!

    • AMFredenburg profile image

      Aldene Fredenburg 3 years ago from Southwestern New Hampshire

      Tucker is quite the cat!

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