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Cats are Great and Make Good Pets

Updated on July 1, 2013

Cats Are Helpfull in Good Ways

Cats make great pets for anyone, who loves cats. Cats are warm, friendly, and cozy. Having a pet cat can help you to relax, especially after a hard day at work. Cats are loyal, and make great companions. Having a cat lying in your lap helps you relax and feel better. Its a great comfort to feel the warmth of a cat's fur; as its good to be touched. Being touched helps to reduce the stress in your life. Cats can make you feel like a more relaxed and much happier person. The act of stroking a cat's fur may help to lower blood pressure and can even prolong life. Cats are good for people, who live alone and for aged, who, also, might live alone. Stroking a cat's fur gives comfort to older people, giving them the warmth and happiness that they otherwise wouldn't have. Cats can be sweet, tender, and affectionate, and some cats meow a lot and others don't. It all depends on the personality of the cat, as cats all have different personalities, just like people.

Cats are clean animals and they groom themselves. Having a cat in the house can be a great benefit as they keep mice away. Cats are natural predators of mice. Having a mouse free home is a great health benefit for you and your family. It is a great health benefit to have a pet cat if you live alone. After a long day at work its nice to come home to be greeted by your cat. Its a benefit for both you and your cat. Your cat is glad to see that your home. Cats are loyal and will never be judgemental, the same way that dogs don't.

Independent Cats (Temple Cats)

Independent cats
Independent cats | Source

Cute Cat Sitting on a Fence

A cat sitting on a fence
A cat sitting on a fence | Source

Pet Cats

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Bessie with ghostly eyesBessie in the morning.Sasha close upSasha
Bessie with ghostly eyes
Bessie with ghostly eyes | Source
Bessie in the morning.
Bessie in the morning. | Source
Sasha close up
Sasha close up | Source
Sasha | Source

Cats Are Beautiful and Wonderful Pets

Cats are joyful and make great companions. They are good for health and can make great service animals, as well. Cats are good for health. They can be very loving and caring animals. Cats are beautiful and graceful. Adopting an older, more mature cat might be another great option to consider when looking for a new pet cat. An older cat has a lot of great possibilities and would make a great companion and a great friend for life. Black cats should never be overlooked when looking for a pet cat. Black cats are beautiful.

Egyptian Mau

An Egyptian Mau
An Egyptian Mau | Source

Egyptian Cat Mummies

Egyptian Cat Mummies
Egyptian Cat Mummies | Source

Cats Love Unconditionally

A cat will love you no matter who you are, rich or poor. As long as the cat is treated well, he or she will be your best friend and be of great comfort to you. Keeping his or her dish filled with food and a bowl of fresh, clean drinking water at all times will make your cat happy. A Cat shows his or her love by rubbing up against you. Cats have scent glands and when a cat rubs his or her cheek against your face he or she is marking you as his or her own. Cats can be very affectionate. Cats can be fun to watch while playing, which can help the cat owner relax and also helps relieve stress. Cats are warm, furry and a great comfort to anyone who has them as pets. Cats would be a great comfort to the aged, and to people suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Having a cat or cats around is a comfort and a joy. Cats can help to prolong life and make life much more enjoyable for many people.

Seven Reasons To Adopt an Older Cat

A Cat or Dog Person

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    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 6 years ago from Mason City

      Hi Navalava, I'm glad I did put the hub in on cats and health. I love them, too. Cats are very beautiful.

    • Navalava profile image

      Navalava 6 years ago

      I am glad someone put it here this way. People around me don't like cats much. I LOVE them. This hub must force people to start loving cats too. :)