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The Husky Diary - Countdown to Arrival

Updated on November 3, 2009

The final countdown

After careful consideration, a lot of hesitation (from my part) we have decided to bite the bullet and buy our own Siberian Husky Pup.

I've decided to do a short diary like piece on her first 12 weeks. With photo's, real mess tears tantrums and destroyed slippers.

The new addition to the family will already be joining myself, hubby Mike, Eldest daughter Emily (Em.J) 9 years old. Hollie youngest daughter 7months old (ol or Ollie) and our 6 or 7 year old Labrador Max. (we are his third owners so unsure of his age to be exact. Em.J was 3 when we got him.

Since the birthof Ollie it has left me with severe Fibromyalgia and moundless of morphine and medication. Mike has had to quit work for the time being until I get off crutches. So the new pup will have our un divided attention as does Ollie and Max all the time. Unfortunately Em.J is at the age of going to her room a lot watching MTV....

That'sthe background out of the way and introductions to everyone. After my big sister passing away a month ago, we suddenly had the subject crop up of getting another dog, it had been batting around a while well years. Mike has always had a thing for huskies and has a tattoo of one, they come across as being quite spiritual to me. Browsing the net looking for a husky or another Lab we kept narrowing our search down page by page we definitely after a while wanted a husky a grown bitch, for company for Max since Ollie has been born he get's even more attention than before but feels he wants company altho even Ollie chips in and tries to cuddle and kiss him, but when she is hurdling at you across the laminate floor at top speed in her baby walker to a dog it can be mistook as not nice, where as Ollie is just trying to catch him to kiss him.To poor Max it has to be horrid.

Anyhow we kept hearing how people have to travel miles for a husky dog, as they are not as common as a pitbull now a days. But the strangest thing happened.... After ringing everyone from the other side of the U.K regarding their adverts for a grown husky and being disappointed day after day we just wasn't quick enough, the adverts were more or less 24 hours old and the husky had still gone, it was nearing impossible and seemed laughable and ridiculous like a race... all of a sudden something strange happened there it was an ad not even a week old we thought we would give it a go we starred at the picture of a litter of husky puppies on the net, when my husbands voice gave a high pitch "You have...." my jaw dropped and I cried, the place was just around the corner from where my sister lived! that night we were invited round to see them, We were the first we had the pick of the litter. The ad was a week old but due to their family circumstances and a death they hadn't been taking calls regarding their pups.

Mike having being drooling over Huskies for years knew what he wanted, There was a homemade pen in the middle of their frontroom Mike steamed over he peeped over took a look and pointed to the pup that was the fatest and had the palest markings, The mother looked just like a wolf like you see on t.v she was lay quite comfy in the pen with 6 gorgeous pups He went off to meet the dad of the litter you could hear "Wow" and "oh my god!" unlike him, he even kept his cool when the girls were born.... here he was like a little boy at xmas. It was a strange journey, the pup Mike pointed out at first turned out to be a bitch, needless to say she was the one.

I was determined to have something to do with the pup and after careful thought I came up with the name "MIYA" pronounced MY-YA upon telling the owners they thrust a dvd in our hand and begged us to contact them after we watched it. Leaving our deposit a smile and a sense of relief, the decision was made to get another dog, what breed, dog or bitch, pup or grown. It was done. All we had to do was wait...

They made us watch the dvd 8 below a tale of a gorgeous pack, oh lord - we cried, laughed and cried somemore.... The main pack leader has the same markings and colour as the pup we choose and UNBELIEVABLE!!! the female pack leader in the film was named MIYA and her side kick husky was called max.

Things were astonishingly coincidental and I think we all shuddered...

Weeks went by, emails were exchanged a couple of pics of her were emailed, we spent well over £150 on puppy products and extra bowls food toys etc etc The day is getting closer November 5th bonfire lift off and we have another new little girl.

Bonus...we received an email from the owners, we have to get Miya day early from tomorrow  we were suspicious but with all those pups it's not surprising really.

Tomorrow 2pm HUSKY PUPPY!!!! watch for the complaints, amusing messes and tales of fun pics and probably distress calls to follow in my husky diarys...


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    • profile image

      Mohamed 3 years ago

      - Those are exactly the meomries I have of Florida nice captures!Some call Californians crazy but I think the state (CA) is going in the right direction when protecting what can so easily perish.Here, the more crazy, the better.That reminds me: I need to send a Christmas gift to a marine mammal rescue center I support. Merry Christmas to you too December 20, 2011 1:31 am