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The Importance Of Dog Collars And Leashes

Updated on July 31, 2010

Dog collars and leashes are designed to be used for several different purposes. The dog collar is what is placed around the neck of a dog. This may be for identification or for controlling the dog.  A dog leash is a rope or similar type material that attaches to the collar that is on the dog. This allows the dog owner to help control a dog or restrain a dog from running away or attacking someone. Within the US, each state has the option to govern laws regarding the use of leashes with dogs. Some communities also have laws that require dogs to be on a leash in public. There are several different types of collars and leashes for dogs.  To gain a better understanding of the various types available it helps to learn more about the various options.

Traditional Collars for Dogs

A buckle collar is designed in a way that allows it to break or snap away.  This is a preventative measure that is designed to help prevent dogs from choking themselves when there collar gets caught on something.  If a dog pulls hard enough on the collar it will break away and the dog will be able to become free. These products range in price from $5 all the way up to $100. The majority of these products can be found for somewhere between $10 and $35 depending on the quality that is purchased.

A traditional buckle collar
A traditional buckle collar

Controlling Collars for Dogs

The choke collar received its name because of the way they can choke a dog when they are not used properly. When they are used in the correct way, they distribute the pressure of the collar in an even manner and this prevents the dog from choking. They are designed to help control dogs that might be unruly. The pressure the collar puts on the dog can cause them to calm down very quickly. These products can be purchased for anywhere between $5 and $20 from most major pet supply retailers.

A pinch collar is another type that is designed to help control a dog. There is a muscle in the neck of the dog that gets pinched when they pull to hard on the leash.  This works to send a very clear message to the dog, that what they are doing is not ok. These work well for dogs that need to be trained, because it helps to teach them the appropriate behavior very quickly. As soon as a dog understands what the correct behavior is, it is ok to use a collar that does not provide a pinch. These products range in price from $15 to $30.

A Doberman with a choke collar
A Doberman with a choke collar

Different Types of Leashes

When it comes to dog leashes or leads there are several different types that can be used. They can be manufactured out of different types of materials including nylon, leather, chains, and other type’s composite material. They can be purchased in a variety of lengths. It is important to note that the length of a leash is extremely important and is generally dependent upon the size of the dog it will be used on.  When buying a leash, it is important to make sure that the quality of the material it is made of is high quality and that the metal clip on the end of the lead is high quality.  Cheap leads can break easily and can make it easy for accidents to occur with a dog. Prices for a dog lead can range anywhere from $5 all the way up to several $100.  Products that range between $15 and $30 in price are usually good quality and will work well for the needs of most dogs.

Dog leashes come in a variety of styles.  Make sure to find one that suits you and your dogs needs.
Dog leashes come in a variety of styles. Make sure to find one that suits you and your dogs needs.

Personalized Dog Collars

For those that want to put a unique collar on their dog, there is the option to personalize the collar. This could include having there name sewn into the collar or have embellishments added. There are businesses that offer custom collars for dogs.  They tend to be somewhat expensive, but they can be truly unique.  There are many different styles and designs that can be chosen from and it is even possible to completely design your own.

Understanding more about dog collars and leashes is extremely helpful for both new and old dog owners. With there being so many different options available, it can be difficult to choose what type is the best to use.  Remember that many of the factors involved with choosing a collar and a lead, depend upon the size of the dog and how the dog behaves.  These dog collars and leads are designed to help you control your dog so that taking them outside for walks can be a pleasant experience.

A Video Guide About Different Types of Collars


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