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The Invisible Elephant

Updated on August 17, 2012

An Invisible Elephant

An Invisible elephant

Mosquitoes and turds

Along with the pachyderm

Rodents and birds

A host of foul germs

The room is a mess

We are strangers

Unwelcomed guests

Sit there rocking in your chair

Television reflection glare

An imprint of your derriere

In the cushion pressed

Upon his tusk you hang your coat

His trunk rocks the toddlers crib

How comfortably you rest!

In a silk red bed of regrets

I would ask for a drink

Except for the sink

Is the dive of egrets

Open wide your blinds

Let the sun shine in

At least your burly friend

Has a docile temperament

A rhino would be worse

A man whose home’s possessed

With an invisible hippopotamus

Can hardly ever laugh

One slip in the bath

And he’s bitten in half!



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