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The Newest Assault on Wyoming's Wild Horses Another Step Toward Extinction.

Updated on February 9, 2020

One of The Newest Attacks on Wild Horses in Wyoming by The BLM.

One of the latest moves by the BLM on Wyoming's Rocky Springs, Checkerboard area began on February 5th this year, in another attempt to eradicate wild horses from Wyoming it would seem. Many times the Blm has come to Wyoming to gather wild horses in what they say are too many wild horses in the area. This time they plan to empty two HMA's of horses and advocates say it will ruin tourist attraction by taking away the very thing that brings them there. This time it is a really big deal, as several wild horse and burrow advocate organizations will be perusing a block in federal court against the proposal. Many reasons and points will be made. These entities have won many cases against the BLM, and this may well be another. It may be interesting to point out that the BLM, is an official office of the Department of Interior, for those who didn't realize it.

All Players Unite To Play The Game.

Now comes the forestry service to join the game. So now we have, BLM, Cattlemans Assoc., Forestry Dept., is there anyone else want to play/ By all means, lets all go gather Horses. We don't know what to do with them. Pen them all up, knowing they will not all be adopted. Lets collect part of the $5.Billion its going to cost to keep them penned up... or better yet, we can sell them to kill buyers on open sale.


Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility is the only federal off-range corral and preparation facility in Wyoming. The facility houses approximately 800 wild horses, primarily gathered from Wyoming herd management areas. The facility also serves as a rest stop location for wild horses being transported eastbound from western states. A viewing kiosk overlooking the facility is also open year-round. Tours are conducted upon request.

If you are looking for a mustang from a specific Wyoming HMA, call us! Our BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program Assistant and wild horse wranglers will help you find a mustang of your own, whether you have your heart set on a sorrel, grey, palomino, pinto, black, bay,or grulla. Untrained wild horses are available for adoption and Trainer Incentive Program (TIP) at the Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility by appointment or at scheduled adoptions throughout the year by calling Kathi Fine at (307) 352-0292.

Directions: from I-80 in Rock Springs, take the Elk Street exit #104 and go north one mile. Turn right (east) onto Lionkol Road and go approximately 1/2 mile.

BLM Holding Facility At Rock Springs Wyoming

The above picture and text courtesy of the BLM' own web site. You can bet that when they gather over the planned 4,000 wild horses, the above pens will probably not hold them all. So we can guess whats going to happen before it does. Open sale, adoption, what do you think? Here we go, folks. If the BLM gets their way here, you can bet there will be no stopping them here. I say, power to the organizations that will be fighting them in court. Let's hope they win.

The Courtroom is our Home. Here We Will Stay.

It seems rather obvious by now, after all these years, that fighting the BLM is like wrestling with a pig in slop... after a while, you realize the pig, likes it. Seems it holds true in this case. I've been at this fight for many years. I really do not think they will ever stop, until the wild horses and burrows have been driven into extinction, or very close to it. And it really is sad. These iconic animals did all the work for so many years, for so many people, while we were building this country's old west. Not just these horses, but think about all that died in the same. The war horses. And now this is how that debt is repaid. Not the case may be for all of them, but a lot of them will make the ultimate sacrifice. They will pay, to let the cattleman's assoc. have their grazing lands, the land can be sold for fracking or whatever, at any rate, this is not right. These wild horses are federally protected or were. An excellent example of the law going right out the window. Change it to fit the need. The impeachment of President Trump is a good example of this. In my opinion.

I hope the link below will explain a lot to the reader who is unknowing of the past of our wild horses and burros.

People Of All Walks of life Need To be Made Aware of The Facts.

That is what all my articles are about...trying to explain why all of us are doing this. The Interior Department is running the show. But it would seem like they are blatantly ignoring the law, and doing what they want to please a few people. It should be noted that the BLM is not totally the bad guys here. It comes down to their bosses and the powers that be. The BLM does try to humanely try to adopt horses out and sell them rather cheaply. But the fact remains, its not working.


Lease Farming is Killing Our Wild Horses and Burros.

The above table is another attempt to prove the numbers Using the BLM's own information. All those who know me, are aware of my health issues. It is near impossible to travel for first-hand information, so I research and use " show and tell ". It works for me... the information still comes from the same sources, and the point is to get the information out to you the readers. The decisions are up to you the reader, what you believe, or don't believe. It's the same with the evening news. What most people don't know, is that our public lands are leased out to sheep and cattle farmers. Now they are talking about letting fracking begin in some areas. Among other things... the main reason for getting the wild horses off the land. Capitalism. Where will all this end? With the possible extinction of wild horses and burros. I sure hope not. Education of the American people and their participation is needed NOW. We need your help NOW. Before it is too late.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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