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The Petsafe Cat Flap And Your Cat's Independence

Updated on March 17, 2010
Don't keep your kitten away from this joy! (c)
Don't keep your kitten away from this joy! (c)
The balcony of your apartment can be a compromise. (c)
The balcony of your apartment can be a compromise. (c)

Before describing the petsafe cat flap and its functions, I would like to write a little about our cats. One thing is certain - we (cat lovers from the entire universe) adore our furry friends! But let's face it - adoring is not enough if you want your kitty to be healthy, happy and have a fulfilled feline life.

The technological progress gives us many benefits, especially regarding comfort. But, unfortunately, it pushes us away from nature and all the pure joy it brings. And we're not the only ones suffering the side-effects of the advanced civilization - our beloved pets are forced to adapt and adjust their lifestyles as well. If you have a city apartment, it would be practically impossible for you to allow you cat to go outside. The only compromises you can make in this case is letting your cat to spend some time on the balcony or taking her with you to play in the city park.


All cat owners know how much our furry friends cherish their independence. When I adopted my cat, I soon discovered how smart she is and how much she appreciates not only my affection, but also my respect and my trust. When a cat feels that you’re taking seriously her needs and her ‘feline rights’, your mutual relationship will be more harmonious and rewarding.

When Kitty is unhappy, upset or frustrated about something, she will often become grumpy, edgy, ignoring you and even the litter tray. In order to prevent that from happening, we have to make sure that she is content and calm, purring happily and enjoying being your friend.

If you live in a nice quiet neighborhood, allow your cat to go out and harmonize with nature: climb some trees, run through the tall grass, chase little animals and sunbath! After being out for a while, Kitty will come home satisfied and calm. She will enjoy a tasty meal and all our affection much more than before, knowing that you respect her independence.


So let’s take advantage of technology’s positive sides! The petsafe cat flap is a relatively recent invention. Thanks to its magnetic, microchip or infrared locking system, your cat will be the only one able to pass through the flap. All you have to do is attach a special transmitter to your pet’s collar. When Kitty is approaching the cat flap, the transmitter will send a special signal that will unlock the flap. Immediately after the cat leaps through, the flap will lock in place automatically. This useful feature will protect Kitty and your home from other cats, dogs or raccoon.

The neighboring cats can't pass through the flap no matter how hard they try!

With a petsafe cat flap you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your kitty is safe no matter how adventurous she is! Even if she brings all the neighboring cats for a special scratching party on your fancy furniture, they will not be able to pass through the door.

Teaching your cat how to use the cat flap is not complicated. You can do the training yourself or with the help of a friend. Put a tasty treat on the other side of the door and encourage the cat to check it out. Most kitties go through the flap immediately - after all, they are true jungle explorers! If your cat is a little shy, open the door for her a few times so she will see that there is no danger.

Very soon your cat will learn that her new little door is not only her road to independence, but also her protection and her doorway to comfort and affection.


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