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Expressions Of Love From A Happy Cat

Updated on December 10, 2013

From Dog Lover To Cat Lady

I have always loved dogs, but since I left home years ago, I have become a serious cat lover too. We always had dogs. I grew up with them, and never really had many encounters with cats. However, years ago, when I first started working for the post office, I found a small kitten on the dock of our office. Poor thing. It was petrified, hiding under equipment as it ran from moving apcs full of mail.

I rescued it and took it home. It was an Egyptian Tortoise Shell cat. She was a bundle of mottled colors, the like I had never seen before. She adapted to me very quickly, and before I knew it, she had met a scrappy, one-eared cat, that was just a big sweetie; and had gotten pregnant from him. I had no idea about when cats go into heat, so I was lucky that this first litter was only two kittens.

However, the next litter was six, and on top of that, the two she had previously, a calico female and a gorgeous, big gray and white, mated too. It was a nightmare trying to find homes for all those kittens, and I had to move prior to the birth of the calico's kittens. Some suggested I abort them, but I could never do that. I don't believe in it for people or animals unless it is a life and death situation. I had to give up that calico, because I was moving and could not take her nor her kittens to the new place. I had to give them all up.That was a hard decision.

Subsequent to that, I've had three more cats, and then 7 which eventually dwindled down to the current four. Mind you, this is over a period of about 20 years.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Out of all the years that I've had cats, I've seen them do some interesting things. For instance, the time I left my front door open, and my orange and white cat Brandy went out to hunt. At some point in time while she was gone, I recalled the many lizards she had brought into my house - that always somehow ended up in my shoes in the closet. What a lovely surprise that always was.

Fortunately, I had the good sense that day to close the door, because I knew she was hunting, and because she loved me, she was always bringing her kills back to me. Those lizards ended up in my shoes in the closet because most of the time, she never killed them. They were in shock, and only seconds after she'd lay them before me on the rug, they'd jump up and start running, get under the couch, or behind the counter or some other place where neither she nor I could reach it.

So on this occasion, she was indeed hunting to bring me her expression of love, and I discovered it as I was stepping out my door to call her in. I opened my door, and was just about to step onto the mat at my front door when I saw it in mid-step. As my body weight had already shifted forward because my foot was about to land, I saw the dead mouse, and, screaming as my wobbling leg sought a landing place.

Brandy was the first of my cats to hunt for me. I've had gifts left for me by other outside cats I have fed since that time, but she was the only one to bring home what she caught for me.

The Snush


A Wet Surprise

I've had cats that trained me - that was Brandy as well. I've had a cat that played a game with me, and initiated a wrestling match with me - that was Zach. There have been quite a few surprises.

However, the thing that really caught me off guard and surprised me, was the Snush. That is my name for it. I have four cats. They are a year apart and all have the same father, but the older two have a different mother than the youngest two. My two youngest cats both drool, but only when I give them a massage and a bunch of love and affection. I call the drooling the snush and tell them that I want the love, but not the snush.

Prior to this occurring and my looking this up online, I didn't realize that some cats drool. I thought it was their noses running, because their noses are always very wet when this occurs. I couldn't understand the connection between the "nose running" and my petting them and giving them love.

I thought it was something unusual until I looked it up online to see if there was anything to it. I was surprised to see many pictures of cats that drool; something I formerly only thought was reserved for big slobbering dogs. In the case of my cats, they only drool for love.


Does your cat drool?

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If It Isn't Love...

However, I've discovered that there are several other reasons that cats will drool. The predominant one is periodontal disease. A lot of plaque buildup is one of the causes for problems like this.

With my cats, however, it is not a matter of dental health. Its a love thing. So despite the fact that they often climb on me while I'm in bed, coming to get their love, and drip all over me; despite that it's kind of disgusting and certainly, and uncomfortable wet experience; I'm ok with the snush. It's all about the love.


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