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The Story of Lucky the Cat

Updated on March 18, 2014
me and Lucky, 2010
me and Lucky, 2010
my cat, Lucky
my cat, Lucky

My Cousin Found Her

When I was in elementary school, we had a Siamese cat named Sarah. She was an indoor cat, who was de-clawed. She could be very possessive and moody, so my parents hadn't ever entertained the idea of getting another cat.

One day, my cousin Amy, who is five years older than me, brought her kitten over to my grandma's house. She had found the kitten wandering around in the street, and she claimed the cat had endured some near-death experiences; thus, she named the kitten "Lucky".

Lucky spent her days hanging out in the screened-in porch attached to my grandparents' house. Gradually, as Amy got busy and preoccupied with other things, Lucky got lonely. I started checking on her and spending time with her every day - after all, what little girl wouldn't want to play with and take care of a sweet little kitten?

Lucky, years later. That's me in the background
Lucky, years later. That's me in the background

The Showdown: The Fight for My Cat

One day, after a few weeks had passed, my cousin came to take her kitten away. I got so upset, since I had grown attached to the little sweetheart.

I begged my cousin to let me keep her, since we had been bonding every day and I really loved her. I explained how I had been taking care of her and my mom vouched for me as well. My mom and I both also begged my dad to let us keep Lucky as an outdoor cat. Much to his chagrin, he agreed, and Amy also gave in and let me keep her. I was elated.

Every day, we played in the screened-in porch, where she was safe from other animals that might harm her out in the country. I also took her into my grandpa's hammock and we played there, too. She was my new favorite furry friend. She was sweet and cuddly, and much kinder and less moody than my Siamese cat, Sarah (although I loved her, too).

Lucky loves to perch under the coffee table
Lucky loves to perch under the coffee table

Lucky's Habits and Favorite Things

Lucky loves to perch herself under the coffee table, on the little shelf. She loves to jump onto the couch, and she is so spoiled that now, in her older age, she gets her own couch all to herself (my parents put down a couple of towels and she literally sleeps there during the day and gets upset if you try to sit there!)

Lucky loves to eat Salmon Lumps, which my dad and my little brother Matthew like to feed her. Matthew says they have vitamins in them, which will help her live longer. She loves to capture vermin like mice and rats. She has also been known to bring home lizards and birds before. She brought so many mice to this one spot on the sidewalk in our backyard that my dad nicknamed it "Dead Mouse Curve"!

She loves to have her fur brushed at night, right before she goes to bed. She has gotten grumpier in her older ages, and moodier, but she is still sweet and also very funny. Although we don't know her exact age, we've calculated that she's at least 17 years old!

Lucky is at least a year older than my youngest brother Matthew, who is now 16 years old. Yikes! She really has nine lives.

picture taken by my brother Matthew
picture taken by my brother Matthew

The "Muffin the Cat" Incident: A Cat's Double Life

Once, shortly after we had moved from the country to the suburbs and brought Lucky along with us, my mom and I were on our way to the mailboxes. It was a short walk from our house to the mailboxes to check the mail, and Lucky would always follow us wherever we went, so naturally she was coming along. Suddenly, a little girl who lived down the street came walking up and saw our cat. She said "Here, Muffin!" My mom and I exchanged glances and realized that Lucky had been leading a double life! We hadn't gotten her a collar or name tag at that point. That was when we decided that we had better get her one, before one and claim her, before one of the neighbor kids stole her away!

watching TV
watching TV

She Belongs to My Brother and Dad Now

Since I moved out in 2005 to go away to college, Lucky has gradually become pretty much my little brother and dad's cat. They're the ones who take care of her on a daily basis and observe her antics.

Matthew loves hanging out with her, and always says they have a special bond. Sometimes she comes to his door at 4:00 am and cries to be let outside.

When Matthew was sick with a cold recently, Lucky sat beside him and they watched TV together.

Lucky is a very special cat, and I hope she lives another 17 more years!

Matthew and Lucky, a few years ago
Matthew and Lucky, a few years ago

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    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 2 years ago

      Thank you, RTalloni! She has been such a blessing to our family. Thanks for reading!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 3 years ago from the short journey

      How lovely that Lucky was so fortunate as to have such a home!