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Essential Books for Zoo Marsupial Keepers

Updated on July 8, 2011

Books for Marsupial Keepers

The first animal I was ever involved in the capture of in a zoo environment was a wallaby. Things did not go quite according to plan, it avoided the experts and the animal sailed through the air in front of me. I put out one hand and grasped the air and caught it. I learnt a number of valuable lessons at that point. Never underestimate the strength of a small animal and that not only can they kick, scratch, bite, twist and somersault. I also learnt a lot about myself and that I was better than many at hand catching anything.

I continued to learn because that night I borrowed what books I could (there weren't many) and learnt as much as I could about Wallabies.

Later I was to become responsible for the largest breeding group of Red Kangaroos in the UK. Along with my wife we reared an abandoned joey who became something of a TV star. Another steep learning curve and so little written to assist.

Later still I was to manage the largest collection of Marsupials in the UK. I thought after more than thirty years in the business things would be easier. Well they were but much to know. These past few years have seen some really excellent publications come along and one of, if not the best is listed here.

We all need to book learn. Practical experience is nothing without it.

Look too at the Ten Most Essential Books for Zoo Keepers.

All books can be ordered directly. Just click on the link and it woll take you to the Amazon site.

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