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The Thing About Cats...

Updated on October 19, 2011

Scratch-It "helping"


1.)    They’re honest. If a cat doesn’t like you, he/she will let you know. The same goes for the new couch, the new furniture arrangement, or the neighbor’s dog. And if they’re not happy about something—they’ll make sure you know about it.

2.)    People have personalities; Cats have multiple personalities. It’s like cramming 5 personas into 1 tiny, furry package.

3.)    Cats are smart, but often adapt a “the devil may care” attitude about danger. (“Curiosity killed the cat”, anyone?)

4.)    They’re a paradox. Cats are simultaneously graceful and clumsy; friendly and shy; and finicky eaters when it comes to cat food, but happy to eat odd non-food items (ie: writing paper and “treasures” they steal out of the trash can).

5.)    They’re thieves. The term “cat burglar” doesn’t just refer to agility and balance! If I ever discover anything lightweight missing from my desk, I can guarantee that the furry little monsters stole it! I can always find a stash of stolen items “lost” beneath the couch and appliances (ie: bottle caps, pens, twisty ties, paper clips, car keys…)

6.)    Cats are “helpful.” Have you ever tried to make a bed with a cat in the room? Tie your shoelaces? How about attempt to clean with a feather duster? Then you know what I mean about helpful… J

7.)    They’re “interior decorators.” I’d like to think that I have the final word when it comes to things like the way I arrange furniture or the objects on my bookcases and desk. But, the truth is that the cats have no problem knocking things over if they’re in the way—or if they need more space to sprawl out for their nap(s).

8.)    Cats are like potato chips—you can’t have just one!



Final thought: My brother gave me a fridge magnet that reads “A House Isn’t a Home Without a Cat.” I couldn’t agree more!


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    • Reprieve26 profile image

      Reprieve26 6 years ago from Oregon Coast

      I'm glad you enjoyed reading my hub. Cats are definately a never ending source of entertainment! :)

    • camsolivia profile image

      Camille Olivia Strate 6 years ago from Planet Earth

      Amen, on all counts! Great little giggler here. Thanks for the fun!

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      reprieve, this is wonderful! From one cat person to another, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.. so funny and creative. You must read my Malaprops using Cat References...great minds think alike! I must follow you, too. And read more of your wonderful work! Kathy aka Lucky Cats

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      Number 8 is so true. Cats are addictive.