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The Top Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Updated on November 13, 2013

Rottweilers are often 'hard headed' but highly intelligent dogs easy to train

Dog training is a process where the dog learns to respond to certain commands through various training techniques. A well trained dog is therefore the ultimate expression of owners being capable of delivering clear commands and dogs eager to please. The famous saying ''train the owner, not the dog'' sends an effective message that dog training does not rely solely on the dog. Rather, it really ultimately takes the effort of both dog and human to reach attainable goals.

Often, however, when it comes to training owners are looking for short cuts. They often ask themselves if there is an easy way around dog training and start looking for dog breeds that are easy to train. Truth is, that most likely than not, there is no easy way around dog training. While there are some dog breeds that may grasp concepts faster than other dogs, there is no such thing as an ''easy training gene''. All dogs in order to be well trained require some effort through patience and repetition, and most dogs eventually will get trained sooner than later.

While as already mentioned, there may be dog breeds easier to train than others it is important as well to grasp the concept that not all dogs belonging to a specific breed always adhere to their ''breed standard''. For instance, a dog breed known to produce highly intelligent dogs will not produce always easy to train puppies.In each a litter of puppies there will always be one or two puppies that are more hardheaded than their litter mates. Each dog therefore is an individual being molded with its own distinct personalities and temperaments. There are never no guarantees but there will always be exceptions. This is what makes each dog unique.

Generally, speaking the ideal recipe for an easy to train dog is a dog that is highly intelligent, eager to please and willing to learn. So the research for a dog easy to train starts here, by looking for dog breeds characterized by these qualities. Following are some dog breeds that should be easier to train than others (even though a global generalization cannot be made).

Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

~Border Collie

This famous dog breed has ranked top place as one of the smartest dog breeds. It has excelled for many years in agility, obedience and herding. This agile dog breed requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation in order to thrive, therefore, they do not make good apartment dwellers. They are eager to learn and enjoy many daily challenges, but you must know what you are doing. These dogs like to anticipate your moves and can be challenging for novice trainers.


Even though Poodles may act with a bit of superiority they are really down to earth dogs with a high level of intelligence. Ranking second place as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, you really should not struggle much in teaching these dog some basic training. They are very happy go luck fellows that are sensitive and very loving.

~Labrador Retriever

This family oriented dog that loves just about everybody is a dog that is very eager to please owners. They are patient, friendly dogs that do well even in families with children. They are quite easy to train because they are naturally good natured dogs but they do require exercise in order to thrive. Without exercise, this breed may become bored and mischievous.

~Australian Shepherd

This highly intelligent breed is a working dog so it instinctively is eager to learn. Because they are a herding breed they are agile and very receptive to body language. Their eagerness to please and work has made many samples excel in agility, obedience and herding. They require lots of activity and a purpose in life in order to thrive. This breed has ranked among the dog's smartest dog breeds.

~Australian Cattle Dog

This dog breed is another dog that has a reputation of being an easy to train dog breed, They are very active dogs that need a lot of training and exercise. They also need lots of mental stimulation to thrive, so they do pretty well in training and like challenges. They are eager to learn and are very attentive to orders.

~German Shepherds

German Shepherds need a firm owner, but they are highly intelligent dogs that can be fairly easy to train. It is not surprising therefore why German Shepherds make great herding dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs and even perfect family dogs.

The above are only a few of the easiest dogs to train. Of course, even that mixed breed mutt you adopt at the shelter has the potential to turn out being one of most intelligent and trainable dogs you ever had. However, it is vital to understand that turning dog training into a success is not only your dog's responsibility. Rather, it is mostly yours.


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    • profile image

      Victor 6 years ago

      The hardest breed to train...Cairn terrier

    • rosysmith4 profile image

      rosysmith4 7 years ago from New Jersey


      Nice Article..

      I got lots of useful information from here.


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    • profile image

      amy 7 years ago

      what breed learns faster? big dogs or amall dogs?