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The Way To Give Your Pet A Vacation He Will Never Forget

Updated on October 22, 2015
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The writer has been an English teacher for the past twenty-three years and likes to write during her free time.

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The First Step

Before you plan your vacation, take your dog to your vet and get his advice. If the vet assures you that your dog can handle it well, ensure that all his vaccines are done. Find out what first aid items you need to carry with you. Research the place you intend to go to. Make sure the climate is alright for your dog. Ensure that you will be able to organize all his meals. Find a comfortable, pet-friendly place to stay and inform them about your plans well in advance.

Holidaying with Your Pet

Firstly, you will need to decide on your mode of travel. Next thing to pay attention to is the duration of travel. Some dogs can handle the travel well, while others cannot. If you are not sure, check with your vet. Anyway, it would be advisable to make frequent stops along the way and make sure that your pet gets enough water to drink.

Book into a Log Cabin By a Lake

You will need to find one that is pet-friendly. When you do, your little one will enjoy his time by the lake, running around, diving into the water, swimming, playing 'catch' with you, etc. This is a great idea for the summer months.

Hiking with Your Pet

Make sure that your dog is physically ready for the strain before you plan this kind of outing. You could consult your vet. It is important to know the surroundings well because you need to keep your pet safe, especially if you intend to camp out in the wilderness with him. Researching the area in advance will definitely help. Check all the dog regulations that area has. You will need to keep him on a leash most of the time when he is around people.

Going to a Beach

Pets love to go to beaches. Your dog will love to roll around in the sand and jump into the water. But you will have to be careful to choose an area of the beach which is not occupied by people. Also, try and keep him in the shade as much as possible. Don't forget to keep a lot of water ready for him as the sun will make him dehydrated fast. Follow all the rules at the beach. You will need to book a pet-friendly hotel in advance. Many hotels charge an extra fee for allowing your pet in.

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