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The Winged Cat

Updated on December 5, 2012

Yes, they exist

Mythical creatures? Can you imagine finding a cat with wings?! I would love to bring one home for my daughter, but they are very hard to find. These rare cats have mostly been in China and England. They believe these wings are formed due to poor grooming, such as matting and skin disorders. They can move their wings, but they haven't actually been known to fly because they cannot move them in a flapping like movement. Darn!

Sighting in China

There was a report in China that hit the news and locals very fast. It was stated at first they were just two bumps on the cat's back, but quickly grew into what look to be wings and they do contain bones. Visitors were flocking to come see this unique and rare cat, causing the owner to become frightened that someone may steal her precious cat, maybe only to cut off a wing.


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