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The Wonderful World of Dog Beds

Updated on January 22, 2014
Sweet Dreams!
Sweet Dreams!

It is 11:00 PM…time for bed! You crawl under your cozy, warm blankets, switch your Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed to the appropriate setting and off to dream land you go! To the left of you, on the hard wooden floor, lays your dog. Poor thing, doesn't he deserve a good night's sleep in a cozy bed too? Some dogs enjoy sleeping on the floor. My dog, Kiwi, seems to prefer sleeping on the cold tile directly in front of the main entrance to the house. Mostly because she's hoping somebody will try to break in so she can eat them. What a good dog! My old Beagle, however, loves to sleep in her dog bed (which by the way, is filled with old blankets that she loves to burrow in).

Different dogs like different beds. Some dogs don't like beds at all! There are MANY different types of dog beds on the market. Which dog bed you purchase depends on the needs of your dog…not to mention how much money you are willing to spend!

Older dogs may have special needs.
Older dogs may have special needs.

Your Senior Friend

As dog's age, their needs change. Many older dogs deal with aching joints due to arthritis. If you have an old, arthritic dog, consider purchasing him an orthopedic dog bed. Many orthopedic dog beds come with waterproof liners as many senior canines also deal with "potty problems" (or incontinence). If I had to buy a new dog bed every time my Beagle had a "little accident" while sleeping, I'd be in the poorhouse!

Most orthopedic dog beds are made with a special polyfoam that actually reduces the stress that is put on your dog's pressure points as he sleeps. If you really want to spoil your old friend, consider purchasing him a heated orthopedic dog bed! Trust me; he will greatly appreciate a toasty warm bed…especially during the winter months when arthritic joints can become stiff and sore. Prices vary depending upon the size and fabric that you choose. I would highly recommend consulting with your pooch as to what type of pattern, color and fabric he wants BEFORE you make a purchase (having to return an item is such a drag…ha!).

The modern Wowo dog bed. Cool!
The modern Wowo dog bed. Cool!

Out of This World Dog Beds!

Let's face it…dogs are dogs. I know, I know, to many people (including me) they are loving, family members. However, though we may consider them our children, they are not humans and trust me they don't really care if they sleep in a $20 dog bed or a $2,000 dog bed! Some dog beds are simply, for lack of better words, out of this world (and dog-gone expensive!). For example, the Wowo is a futuristic looking dog bed that is definitely for those with modern taste when it comes to furniture. Suitable for small dogs (obviously not made for a Labrador) this modern dog bed (or pet recliner, if you prefer) comes with a removable, washable pad and solid wood legs. It only costs $600 so be sure to purchase one for every room that your little Chihuahua likes to nap in. I must admit that the Wowo dog bed is kind of cool!

The Safari Daybed!
The Safari Daybed!

For those who prefer animal prints, the Safari Daybed may be perfect for your pooch! Exquisitely handcrafted, this bed will make your pup feel like royalty! The pillows are filled with strong, synthetic fiber and the slipcovers are removable so that you may wash them (after all, most dogs demand a clean, fresh bed…I know mine do!). This lovely piece of luxury pet furniture will only cost you $299. A bargain compared to the modern Wowo bed mentioned above!

Cheap Beds for Us Regular Folk!

As I previously mentioned, my old Beagle loves to sleep in her doggie bed. I bet you are dying to know what type of bed my pampered pooch sleeps in. Well………DRUM ROLL……….she sleeps in a $22 dog bed that I purchased on sale at Walmart! Sorry if that bit of information disappoints you…but hey, who do you think I am, Donald Trump? If you are interested in purchasing a dog bed for your pooch take the following into consideration BEFORE you make your purchase.

  • Price – How much are you willing to spend?
  • Construction – If your dog loves to destroy things, you will want to buy a dog bed that is extra tough.
  • Size – Obviously, you want to buy the appropriate size bed for the type of dog that you own.
  • Health Issues – If your dog has arthritis or other heath issues, take them into consideration when choosing his or her dog bed.
  • Pattern and Personalization – These options are more for YOU than your dog. Honestly, your dog will NOT CARE if his name is embroidered on the front of his doggie bed or not.

The market is saturated with choices. Trust me, you will not have a problem when it comes to finding a wide selection of dog beds to choose from. As always, start with the internet as there are many discount pet supply stores on the world-wide-web! If all you are looking for is an inexpensive dog bed for your pet to curl up in at night, then I suggest Target or Walmart. Good luck and sweet dreams! Woof!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Those dog beds are beautiful! My beagle, Sam loves to sleep on her bed too.


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