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The Best Litter For Your Sphinx Cat

Updated on March 19, 2018
A warm, moisture-free and odor-free litter will keep your kitty safe.
A warm, moisture-free and odor-free litter will keep your kitty safe. | Source


Sphinx cats are a unique species of the feline family. They are famous for the absence of fur on their coats. They are a product of careful selective breeding. They have fine hair where their furry cousins have fur. They may or may not have whiskers. Due to the absence of fur, they are vulnerable to vagaries of weather and can easily freeze due to fall in temperature. They tend to be just as susceptible to allergens as cats that have fur coats, although they may tend to suffer slightly less reactions than their furry counterparts. They also tend to accumulate dirt, oils and debris under their nails and hair.Therefore, they require the utmost care and high standards of hygiene in their litter boxes.

Given the great variety of cat litter in the market today, one may mistakenly feel that Sphinx cats are spoiled for choice, but alas! The market abounds with products that have both advantages and disadvantages. Selecting litter for your Sphinx cat can be quite mind boggling, given the great variety of products on the markets. Whether you are shopping for a multiple cat or single cat family, you need to carefully consider the qualities of each type of litter on the market in order to make an informed choice. Consider the following examples.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This is fabricated from a combination of heavy classic litter granules and those of medium granule clay.


This product is a unique, firm, clumping litter that does not break easily. It is therefore ideal for shifting or mechanical litter boxes.

The combination of large and medium sized granules gives it unique clumping quality that helps keep the bottom of the tray moisture -free. It is completely fabricated from natural fiber .That makes it is safe to use, minimally allergenic and biodegradable clay.

It is almost completely hypoallergenic in that it is free of plant protein and other allergens such as deodorant and perfume. It is also almost completely dust free, unlike other products which create huge plums .This gives it superior order control.


Some clients claim that it has a tendency to stick fast to the bottom of the litter box . Also, extra caution must be taken to prevent cats from shredding the liner. For instance, one may have to use a deep litter pan and also spray it with harmless vegetable spray to keep the cats away from the liner, otherwise it will be hanging in shreds in no time. Replacing shredded liners generates an extra cost.

Arm and Hammer Multi-cat Clump and Seal clumping:

This is a product of a unique formula that is guaranteed to keep odors at bay for seven days.


It has tiny organic particles which turn cat waste into solid, hard clumps that are easy to scoop. It is completely dust free, thanks to dust free formula that is part of its fabrication. It has small granules which are activated by moisture and which form a seal around cat waste, preventing its odor from escaping. It also consists of heavy granules which, together with the baking soda in it, destroys odor on contact.


Cats can easily shred the lining and this creates the extra cost of replacing it daily.Some clients also complain that the moisture activated micro-granules tend to be sticky, leaving marks and tracks and sticking to the cat’s back legs, so that one has to carry out the unpleasant task of washing it off, much to the cat’s chagrin.

Fresh Step Extreme with Febreze :

This is a type of litter reputed to have a low dust formula in that there is dust when you pour it into the box, but the dust settles thereafter.


It destroys odors and leaves behind a mountain spring scent, due its infused deodorizing formula.It also prevents bacteria that causes bad odor from growing for as long as ten days.


Its low dust formula has been mistaken by customers to mean no dust, to their great disappointment. The deodorizing scent does not linger for long. The product's presentation leaves more questions than answers. Customers are not sure if the product could work in automatic cat boxes. Also the picture on the product reads 25lbs. Customers feel it should read 42 lbs.

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Performance :

This is clumping Litter that can be used for many Cats at the same time. It is made of absorbent, natural clay and mineral product that has a natural deodorizing system. It is packaged in a sizeable bucket.


It is very light. Its fabrication formula makes it at least half as light as other leading clumping litter. That makes the litter box easy to carry or shift if necessary. The absorbent natural clay keeps the bottom of the litter box moisture free. Its deodorizing formula keeps the cats’ litter box and your house odor free all day.Also, the bucket once empty, can be recycled and used to clean the litter box. Some clients have found out that it can be mixed with regular litter without causing any dump effects in the litter box. It can be used for multiple cat families.


Its deodorizing system comprises scents from Glade inc. which have been termed as possible carcinogens and therefore potentially harmful to animal and human life. Some clients feel that the litter gets used up faster than the heavier ones. The lid of the bucket only opens halfway and may prove difficult to get off, if one wants to recycle the bucket.

Purina Tidy Cats Light-Weight Clumping Cat Litter:

This combines a two litter -brand formula; Purina tidy cats light weight clumping litter Glade tough odor solutions and Clear springs clumping cat litter. The result is a strong, scented odor- fighting formula that helps fight strong odors.


It comes in a strong bucket that is recyclable and which can be used when cleaning the litter box. It is made from natural clay and mineral product and is therefore free of planrt proteins that are potential allergens to cats. It is infused with a unique deodorizing formula from glade which helps fight strong odors.


The combined formula gives it a very strong smell that some clients have found unbearable and have had to dispose of it. The strong scent may also contain substances that are possible allergens. Some clients also feel that the pricing by Amazon exaggerated and needs correcting. Also, the product may not work well with an automated litter box, since it has very large granules which make it relatively easy to break.


Choosing the best litter for your Sphinx requires the utmost caution and consideration. A warm, moisture- free and odor- free litter is imperative for keeping your Sphinx happy and safe from allergens and bacteria.

There is a wide variety of litter in the market .
There is a wide variety of litter in the market . | Source

Summary table

Type of litter
Possible sources
Fresh step extreme with Febreze
Low dust formula
Any shopping outlet
Dust free,deodorized formula,inhibits bacteria growth
Short-lived deodorized scent, ambigous label
Precious cat ultra premium clumping cat litter
Medium granule clay
Any shopping outlet
dust free, moisture free, hypoallergenic
Sticky, easily shredded .
Arm and hammer multi cat clump and seal clumping
Unique clumping formula
any shopping outlet
Moisture free, dust free,unique clumping formula
Extra cost, sticky
Purina tidy lightweight 24/7
Natural lay and mineral
Any shopping outlet
Strong scent, bucket lid does not come off
Purina tidy cats light weight clumping litter
Two brand formula
Any shopping outlet
Odor free formula
Strong smell, Allergens, Wrong price tag
Carefully weigh the merits of each litter type against its demerits.
There is a wide variety of cat litter in the market. Meticulous care is imperative in choosing the one that is suitable for your Sphynx cat.
There is a wide variety of cat litter in the market. Meticulous care is imperative in choosing the one that is suitable for your Sphynx cat. | Source
Large and medium size granules are  absorbent and help keep the litter tray moisture free.
Large and medium size granules are absorbent and help keep the litter tray moisture free. | Source

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    • Lauri Bruna profile image

      Lorraine Kavedza Bruna 5 weeks ago from Nairobi

      A family friend who used the fresh step extreme with Febreze said she would recommend it for any cat owner, because of its dust free deodorized formula.