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Cats Are Theraputic. A Cat Lover's Story!

Updated on May 2, 2020
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Rose writes from the perspective of a cat owner and cat enthusiast.

This is a happy cat!

How happy is your cat?
How happy is your cat?

Cats as pets

Most people know that animals and pets in general are theraputic for people.

Cats are one pet that can be very theraputic for people. And they are big enough to hug yet not so big that you have to feed them alot of food.

How are they theraputic? They tend to pick up on our emotions very well. When I'm sad, my cat comes and stays with me; as cats do with sick people in hospitals or homes.

My cat does something really cute. He will climb up on my and sit on my chest with his head over my shoulder like a baby. This is a hug from him. His name is Lenny. He came with this name and he was 17 pounds! I got him from an ad on the computer.

My cat is very sensitive to old people. When he visited my parents house, they told me how much they loved him for cuddling with them, and watching over them when they were feeling ill.

Cats are some people's best friend. They are there for you and are good company.

Do you find cats theraputic

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My current kitty friend's name is Zuk! Here is some about him

I will explain that first of all, this article was written many years ago and sadly, Lenny is no longer with me. I guess that is why this article was so short, as I had edited it and didn't know where to go from there; what else to speak of; now I realize I can continue with other cat loves in my life.

My current cat love is Zuk. He is a beautiful, tiger cat of 8.5 years. I got him when he was about 1.5 yrs old. His former owners told me he was jealous of them having had a baby so they needed to get him a new home.

Zuk has been amazing! Not only is he so handsome (he is black, grey, brown and white with a beautiful black line down his back and tail; with beautiful stripes of grey/black/brown and white on his feet and chest!

Zuk is very intelligent! He has a lot of energy. He loves to play and chase the light toy most of all but he has many toys and I notice them moved and that's how I know he played with them while I was away.

Zuk seems to know his name. He is a little like a dog in that he comes often when called, which is unusual for cats I hear. Zuk has always been very affectionate. He loves hugs and to be patted and is always friendly with guests.

He sometimes eats with his paws. It's really cute! He will sit in front of his bowl of dry food, and pull out some food with his paw and eat it either from his paw or on the floor. He loves his wet fancy feast.

He is spoiled rotten as it should be right?

How Zuk is very intelligent and feisty!

One day I had my sleep apnea mask on and sometimes it's hard for me to breathe. Zuk chewed holes in it to get me to "wake up"; I think he worried I was suffocating. At first I was shocked and upset; I didn't know what to do.

I learned to train him not to chew it anymore by using a spray bottle. Now I am more careful with the sleep apnea machine. I make sure the tank of water is always full. And it's working better.

If I had a nightmare, Zuk would often wake me up!!!!

Also, if I was thinking negatively, immediately he would meow to distract me. He is an empathic cat!!!!!!

Zuk is also naughty....

He loves clawing leather furniture!!!

He tries to chew almost anything

He slaps me on my hand with his paw when he wants more attention!!!!!

He has different meows. The sound difference is subtle, but I can usually tell if he's 1) hungry 2) wants attention 3) wants to play 4)wants to play a lot!!!!

I have never noticed my other cats to be like Zuk. He is certainly a very interesting and exciting cat to be around!

I love when he lays down on my bed next to me, or climbs on my chest to hug me, or sits on my arm chair next to me.

He is so funny when he drinks out of my water glass.

I would love to hear something funny or interesting about YOUR cat!!!! Please share in the comments below!!!!!


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