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What You Need To Know About Rabbits As Pets

Updated on February 16, 2016
crackerjack9 profile image

Cindy loves being knowledgable about her varied interests. She doesn't just learn something new, she masters it!

Right around Christmas and Easter time each year, bunny sales and adoptions explode. Unfortunately, many rabbit owners don’t know much about what kind of animal they have. All too often, those adorable bunnies end up growing into rabbits which are left outside in cages or hutches with little human interaction. Rabbits are cute, cuddly and very quiet, making them the perfect small pet. While rabbits do make wonderful pets, but there are some things to keep in mind before you rush into bringing one home.

Rabbits are social animals.

This means that they need more than just food, water and shelter. They seek the warm and loving companionship and attention of their owners. They love to be held and petted and will frolic and play just like any other pet. They are not meant to be left outside in hutches in severe weather and ignored.

Rabbits are smart.

They will become attached to their owners, greeting them when they return after a day at work. They will develop their own personalities as they grow and can be a pleasure to have around. Rabbits also will instinctively go to the bathroom in the same place, which makes them smart enough to be litter box trained. This means that your new pet can be part of the household and live indoors.

Rabbits are very active.

Indoor rabbits will get plenty of exercise, but outdoor rabbits must be let out of their cages for some active fun. Take them out regularly so they can run and jump. Also, provide your new pet with plenty of chew toys, fresh food such as pellets and vegetables and water to keep them healthy.


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    • crackerjack9 profile image

      crackerjack9 2 years ago

      yes, rabbits were no more meant to live in little cages than cats were. You wouldn't leave leave your cat outside all winter in a hutch, would you? As social animals, rabbits crave companionship and love.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Rabbits love playthings to enjoy lives