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Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Updated on March 8, 2012

One of my foster Havanese puppies

Plan Ahead When Traveling With Your Pet


Traveling with your dog can be great fun for both of you. Here are some tips to insure he will remain safe and happy.


Many pet owners have their dog's ‘chipped'. Your vet will inject a tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice under the skin on your dog's neck. All shelters and police or rescue groups now automatically scan stray dogs and the information in the chip will make sure your dog will be returned to you.

A collar with an identification tag is a less expensive and invasive method. Most major pet supply stores have a machine that will engrave your pet's name, address and phone number on a metal tag. They cost less than ten dollars in most places and are an excellent investment in your pet's safety. Some folks say not to put your dog's name on the tag because a person can call the dog's name and lure him to them. I don't understand this because anyone who gets close enough to read the dog's name already HAS obviously lured the dog to them.


Always carry your dog's medical records with you. In the even that your pet needs medical treatment while your traveling, the vet will need to know your pet's medical and vaccination history, as well as any medications he is taking or allergies he has.

If you are flying with your pet, you may be asked to present a certificate of health from your vet. These usually cost about $40.


Remember to pack your dogs medications or supplements. I take Dramamine just incase my dog becomes car sick, and also Pepto Bismol for any other difficulties, like diarrhea.


Just like people, pets may have a difficult time adjusting to new foods. If possible, take whatever food your dog normally eats with you.

Water is most important. Collapsible nylon doggie water bowls are available and work very well and take up very little space. If you're on a road trip, take a gallon of water for your dog (and for yourself).


More and more pet-friendly resorts, hotels and vacation rentals are becoming available. We've found several in our travels, including Destin Florida where dog-friendly beaches are plentiful.

Most state parks allow dogs in their campgrounds, but not in their rental cabins. Be sure to check this out ahead of time.

Private rentals such as condos, cottages and beach houses are available that welcome pets. Check with the owner before and learn the rules about how many and the size of dogs that are allowed. Most times these rules are negotiable.


Check with your airline about their policies about pets before you book your flight. Most will allow a small pet on board, but you must keep him in a carrier and may be required to pay an extra fee. The pet carrier should be soft sided so it will easily slide under your seat.

Be aware that some airlines prohibit animals in the passenger areas and will insist that all pets travel in the cargo hold. I'd avoid this at all costs. If you know how many luggage handlers treat suit cases, you'll know what I mean.


Stop at least every two hours when taking your dog on a road trip. Keep them on a leash at all times when they are out of the car and give them about a ten-minute walk and a chance to ‘go'. This is also good for you, as sitting for a long period of time behind the wheel can cause people problems too.


Plan ahead for all of your dog's needs when making your own travel plans and both of you will have a save, enjoyable trip.

A hammock/barrier works great - we use one and love it.


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