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Tips on Safe Toys for your Cats and Birds

Updated on February 24, 2024
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Pets need you to keep them safe, so protect them whenever you can.

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Safe Toys and Tips for Your Cats

Cats are so much easier to keep safe and amused with toys than dogs.

When looking to buy toys for your cat examine it thoroughly. Look for things that may cause a problem further down the track. Loose parts that may come off, like stuck on eyes, and other parts. These may come off and choke you lovable little cat.

Be creative, knit or crochet your cat some mice and instead of stick on eyes and parts, sew them on, they will really love them, and it will give you the pleasure of something to make.

Tip: If you enjoy making them, make some for your friends. They will love them too.

A ball of wool will keep them amused for ages. Buy a cloth ball and tie a piece of string or wool or even elastic onto it then tie the other end onto a doorknob. They will play for hours on and off with that.

Scratching Poles can be Made in Many Designs


A scratching pole: This is a must for all cat owners.  It will give them the much needed exercise to improve a kittens growth or the older cats health. It will be the best and safest toy for your cat. Not only will it keep your cat happy it will help save your new curtains and the lounges from being torn and scratched.

If you are a little creative you could make your own.

Link for directions below.

Plastic balls with holes for bird to grip with beak

Toys to keep your bird safe

Like all pets, birds need to be kept happy and content with the toys they play with.

Two of the best toys for birds in a cage is a mirror and a ladder. A plastic swing hung from the top in the centre of the cage is also a great idea or you could have a couple of bells for them to pick up and shake.

Never put too much in the birds cage. Alternate them so they have something different and do not become bored. You need to select toys with the size of the bird in mind. Do not put a perch or ladder for a ringneck with very thin rungs. A larger bird needs something solid to wrap his feet around. Whereas a canary or finch have small feet so need smaller perches.

I have seen so many new fandangle toys for birds that are absolutely ridiculous. They are so cumbersome, with heaps of feathers etc on them. These could be dangerous for your pet bird. Less in a cage is always better.

A bird needs to be able to fly so do not limit their flight area with clutter.

The Little plastic balls with holes in them are great. Most birds will pick them up and carry them up to their perch and toss them around, keeping them amused.

This may look great although birds can be destructive and swallow the beads

Birds Love to Climb up Ladders

Prevue Pet Products BPV01139 Carpenter Creations Hardwood Bird Ladder with 15 Rungs, 24-Inch, Colors Vary
Prevue Pet Products BPV01139 Carpenter Creations Hardwood Bird Ladder with 15 Rungs, 24-Inch, Colors Vary
One of these nice long ladders will keep your pet birds out of michief for quite a while. Never place them where they will limit their flight area though.

Dangers to be Aware of in your Home for Cats and Birds

Beware of those dreaded cords on your Venetians. Cats and birds could hang themselves very easily in them. Also the vertical blinds have the controllers on the bottom that keep them in line.

Many cats and birds will play with them and end up in trouble. If you have a pet, remove these and protect the life of your beloved pet.

Keep your dog or cat in your own yard this could also save many road deaths and accidents.

Beware: No matter what you buy, make sure there are no small moving parts that can cause any injuries. If necessary, ask salesperson to open packet to look at article properly.

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