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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe as You Travel

Updated on February 17, 2017

Taking your lovely dog with you for the next family vacation can add to the fun of it all. Even then, moving your dog from one point to another can agonizing especially if the dog gets injured in the process. That's why it's important to put in place safety measures you can undertake before you hit the road with your dog.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While Travelling.

1. Start with a check up.

You wouldn't want to take your dog on a road when it has health problems. As such, it's important to take your dog to a veterinary officer to check on its condition and give the necessary recommendations.

2. Expose your dog to the cargo crate.

A crate is the most suitable dog carrier and it helps keep the dog calm and safe during the period of travel. Besides keeping your dog grounded, a cargo crate has an absorbent material that would help keep your car tidy. Training your dog to use a cargo way before the the journey cushions from the possible shock of using a foreign item.

3. Prepare vaccines.

Seek your veterinarians advice on which vaccine you should administer to your dog in preparation for your journey. A vaccine helps keep the dog safe especially if it will interact with others animals.

4. Put together a dog friendly travel kit.

Besides basic items such as food, a waste scoop and a plastic bag, you will also need to pack first aid items, grooming supplies, medication and a comfort pillow to create that sense of familiarity.

5. Contain it inside the car.

A cargo container is definitely a useful tool to keep the dog calm while traveling. If you, however, feel that a cargo isn't sufficient enough, you can opt to go with an alternative tool such as Seatbelt Belt Extender and waterproof car seat covers.

6. Stops for rests.

Travelling nonstop can make the dog exhausted and vulnerable. If possible, you should ensure there are several stop overs in your journey so as to give your dog some resting time. In you are alternatively traveling on an aeroplane, book a direct flight so as to make the journey as short as it can get.

Here is a clip on how to take care of your dog at home

Bottom line

Moving your dog from one point to another doesn't have to be complicated if you have done the necessary preparations for the trip. Follow the guides in here to keep your dog safe and sound as you travel from one station to another.


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