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The Five Best Dog Toys

Updated on October 24, 2012

In my last article, I discussed 5 toys I consider to be unsafe for your dog. Today, I’m going to run down my list of high quality toys I do think are safe. That said, no toy is dog-proof. You should check Fido’s toys on a regular basis – several times a week, at least – to be sure they haven’t chipped, come unglued, etc.

Safety tip: Never leave your dog unattended with any toys comprised of parts/pieces – and don’t leave them alone with anything made of something he can chew apart, like a tennis ball.

Ok, let’s get to the list!

Rogz for Dogs RFO Frisbee

Rogz is a popular brand over here in Europe. I’ve found some info saying it’s available in the USA, but I haven’t found any websites that show their products. Most of what I see is in the UK, NZ and OZ. But anyway, you'll get the point. This is a *very* durable (read: very strong and not easily chewed apart), very lightweight frisbee that has two features I love. One, it has 3 holes (different sizes) that make it very easy for a dog to pick up after it lands. The second feature is how soft it is. It’s not hard rubber, like Kong makes. It feels porous and almost flexible, the way styrofoam does. A dog can catch it in the air and you don’t have to worry about it being painful. It also floats!

Extreme Kong

This is marketed as the strongest rubber dog toy in the world. I don’t know if that’s true, but strong is always good when it comes to an aggressive chewer. (If your dog isn't an agressive chewer, go with their Classic Kong instead.) This shape is meant to be used as a retriever toy (great replacement for that tennis ball you’ve thrown out after reading my article on toys you should avoid!). It’s also a popular boredom breaker when filled with a treat. Cheese whiz, cream cheese, peanut butter, etc, all fit into the hole and Fido will have a good time licking it all out. Note: This is not to be used for puppies – it’s way too hard for their teeth. Buy Kong’s puppy version instead.

The Almost Indestructible Ball

This is a large ball, the size of something you might see a toddler playing with. It comes in a 6” and 10” version. If you have an active dog who likes to herd, this could be a good choice. Dogs love to run around and around with it, but can’t pick it up in the mouth, or chew it apart, because of the surface size. Great idea for a toy. But remember, nothing is indestructible, so make sure you check it for wear and tear on a regular basis.

Kong Jump'N Jack for Dogs

Dogs love the jack shape of this toy because it can zig when they zag. They can’t predict where it will go once it touches down, which means they don’t get bored quickly. Made by Kong, it has that super durable texture we want, to ensure our dog has the safest toy we can find. The edges of this toy offer an extra benefit, too – they are shaped for cleaning your dogs teeth, which will help make cleanings less uncomfortable for Fido. He’s sure to appreciate that!

Petstages Orka Jack with Rope Chew Toy

This toy is both pretty, and durable. It has different textures on the surface, which are good for Fido’s teeth. It has a rope you can use to toss it around with – and he will also enjoy chewing on it - so keep your eye on it. He can chew the knot undone and pull it right out of there. If this worries you, you can untie it yourself when it starts to open up and just remove it. He will like it even if the rope isn’t there. This toy also has smallish holes in the edges which you can stuff with a small amount of something you use as a treat.

Kong Rubber Balls

If you’re a diehard “ball” fan, don’t worry, I’m not completely opposed to them. Kong makes a durable rubber ball in several sizes, you can choose the one best for your dog – don’t choose one too small, you don’t want him to swallow it. And please set it out of reach when you aren’t around. A swallowed ball is not something you want your baby to experience.

There are many toys out there for you and your dog to share. The important thing is to check and see what they’re made of. Test them in the store, see how flexible they are. Whatever damage you can do, Fido can outdo, I promise. Don’t bring anything home that contains parts that can be chewed off, or parts that will break over time. A one-piece toy is what you want – one that’s not going to break, or be easily swallowed. And never leave your pooch unattended with any toys he *can* swallow or chew apart, even if you think he won’t.

It’s not worth the risk.

xx Isabella


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