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To Honor Skrat the Cat

Updated on March 15, 2010


The Cat That Acts Like a Dog

 I didnt realize what a blessing this cat was until I observed her one morning in my yard with my son.  She was sitting on his shoulder waiting with him for the school bus to come.  She was hanging out with him everymorning on his shoulder until he had to go to school, and after school she would wait for the bus to get home.  I never seen that behavior with a cat.  At night Skrat checks on everyone before she settles down for the night.  She goes into my five year olds room and jumps on the bed and looks like she goes over to my daughter and lays down with her for a little while, then she will check with me, give me a push of the head and purr until I pet her and then she goes and checks my husband. Last but not least, she goes in with my son, jumps on his bed and curls up next to him.  This cat is not afraid of loud noises, she doesnt beg, she just wants to be around everyone.  She goes outside to do her business and comes right back in.

We recently got a new puppy, that is Buddy that I wrote about , and she tolerates him and even goes up to him once in a while to greet him and rub up against him.  A very loving cat.

I'm glad she is part of our family.


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