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Toilet Train Your Cat and Lose the Litter Bin

Updated on May 31, 2009

Having multiple cats in one household tends to be messy. There is nothing worse then having to clean the litter bin over and over again, only to realize that one of your cats isn't even using the litter bin at all. Just list pros and cons

 of having a litter bin, and I promise that you will not be able to come up with many pros. Toilet training your cat can be a good resolution to wipe your hands clean of litter once and for all. 

Top reasons why you should toilet train your cat.

1. Having a cat litter bin smells
2. Cleaning the cat litter bin takes time if you have multiple cats
3. The right type of cat litter can be very expensive
4. Your cats don't use the cat litter bin unless it is perfectly clean

The list can go on and on. I'm not going to lie to you. Toilet training your cat will take patience, but you will feel accomplished when your cat is fully toilet trained. Follow these steps in order and you will have a toilet trained cat, and the both of you will be happier for it!

Steps until your cat litter free!

Supplies you will need :

Flushable cat litter 

A good brand to try is Harvests Ventures Better Way Flusable Cat Litter

When choosing a fl usable cat litter, make sure to pick one out that is not harmful for the environment. 

You can buy a ready made toilet training cat kit, or put together a DIY kit of your own. 

I've researched a couple of different Cat training systems available for purchase. I've listed them from favorite to least favorite. 

1.Litter Kwitter-Cat toilet training system

The Litter Kwitter cat toilet training system has promised to train your cat to use the toilet in 8 weeks. The Litter Kwitter's website has very useful information on toilet training your cat. There is a Q&A section that will go over some of the common questions you might have when training your cat. You can read testimonials about others that have used the Litter Kwitter 8 week cat toilet training system. The Litter Kwitter comes with an instructional DVD, and is fairly inexpensive. You can purchase the Litter Kwitter for $59.99. If you average out how much you spend a year on cat litter, $60 bucks is worth a litter free home. 

2. CitiKitty 

CitiKitty will cost you just under $30, and save you money on the cost of cat litter! CitiKitty toilet trains your cat with a special cat toilet seat that fits over your toilet bowel. It works by removing the perforated rings over a period of time. Eventually your cat is used to sitting make subtle adjustments so your cat doesn't have any accidents. After a couple days of having the litter bin near the toilet, prop it up on a couple of phone books. If you don't have phone books just use what ever is around your house to bring the litter bin up to the height of the toilet seat. After your cat gets used to the idea of doing its business at that height you can break out the cat toilet training kit. 

Some helpful tips:

secure the toilet lid with tape to so it does not come crashing down on your cat!
keep it clean! Scoop twice a day so your cat doesn't start finding other places to do its business.
Have patience, especially in multiple cat households. 
Award your cat with treats when it uses the toilet!

Speak to others online that have toilet trained their cats for inspiration. I found several videos on You-Tube that show cats using the toilet and offer advice on toilet training your cat. You are so close to never having to buy cat litter again! Just think of how good you will feel inviting your friends over for dinner without the rancid cat pee smell.

Happy cat toilet training!

cat on toilet
cat on toilet


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