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Too Cute: Adorable Interactions

Updated on April 19, 2015
Look at the puppy. Look at it!
Look at the puppy. Look at it! | Source


In the article Too Cute: Its Appeal I talked about the show Too Cute!, a show from Animal Planet which showed different species of pets growing up for their first ten weeks of life, until adoption. This was a show that appealed to its viewers by showing baby puppies living their lives with their sibling and getting into some adorable adventures. Some of these adventures involved the subject interacting with a new object that he or she never saw before, some adventures involved interacting with different animals who were either interested with the subject or were initially apprehensive, and some adventures involved the subject and its siblings experiencing the outside world for the first time. One interesting episode involved a family of Keeshonds, a social breed of dog who got to grow-up in a house where they were able to explore and interact with new and wondrous things. Another interesting and cute moment in Too Cute! involved a Havanese puppy making friends with a hedgehog during two occasions. In another case of two Chow Chow puppies, the viewer got the chance to relate to this breed of dog when they had to go to the doctor for a check-up before they could learn to perform in a sport, which was similar to people waiting to get a physical before joining a sport. Too Cute! was fairly good at making mundane activities involving animals into ridiculously cute adventures where a baby animal gets to experience something for the first time. And it was seriously cute.

A keeshond puppy. It is a social dog. Good for people, not so good for certain animals.
A keeshond puppy. It is a social dog. Good for people, not so good for certain animals. | Source


Keeshonds were a social breed of dog. They liked making friends. At least, that was what Too Cute! said about its keeshonds. In the episode focusing on this breed, the viewer got to see a single mother keeshond raise a litter of nine pups. Fortunately, these puppies got to grow up in a relatively comfortable home. So much so that once the puppies reached three weeks old they got to go outside for the first time to experience their first solid meal. Of course, by going outside, these puppies were introduced to a new species of animal; ducks. As a social species, one of the keeshond puppies tried making friends with these ducks. Unfortunately, the ducks seemed to be interested in only looking at the puppies, so they mostly tried getting far away from them. By six weeks, the keeshond puppies were a lot more active and were able to spend a longer time outdoors. Of course, one of the keeshond puppies just happened to discover some duck eggs. In an attempt to keep the eggs safe from the rambunctious puppies, the ducks decided to distract the puppies by leading them to a place that was away from the eggs. That place turned out to be a lake. Here, the puppies got to play in a new area in the great outdoors and interact with some of the other animals living in the lake. Eventually one of the puppies got adopted and had to leave their birth home, but since this particular puppy wanted to make new friends, this was seen a a good thing.

Some Havanese puppies.
Some Havanese puppies. | Source


As a spin-off, Too Cute ! Pint Sized dealt with the same subject of different baby animals, but in a shorter amount of time. These episodes still showed a litter of puppies growing up, but certain moments were commentated upon more frequently. In this case Too Cute! Pint Sized covered a litter of Havanese puppies and their fellow inhabitants within an apartment. These inhabitants included other small dogs that were the same size as an adult Havanese, and a hedgehog. The hedgehog, named Prickle, was even smaller than an adult Havanese, so seeing a dog that was small enough for her to play with was intriguing, but due to having a body filled with quills, the first meeting did not go very well. Fortunately, after one of the Havanese puppies, named Hazel, got sticky from eating Prickle's food, both creatures received a bath that both creatures could bond over.

Another occasion where these two creatures could get to get along occurred in a more outdoors setting. At this point, Hazel and Prickle were actual friends, so when Hazel got to go enjoy the great outdoors, she also wanted to enjoy hanging out with her friend. Fortunately, Hazel found Prickle. Swimming in a kiddie pool. While apprehensive at first, Hazel does eventually get in the pool with Prickle. Which resulted in an adorable moment where these two unlikely animals could become very good friends. Prickle even used Hazel's body as a flotation device in the pool. By the end of this episode, Hazel got to stay in the same apartment with Prickle and her mother.

Big fluffy puppy!
Big fluffy puppy! | Source

Chow Chow

Dog Shows were basically the canine equivalent of human sporting events. Which meant that certain precautions had to be taken before a dog could participate in a dog show. Some cases even needed to go have a check-up when they were too young to even think about entering a dog show. And while some forms of media portray a dog going to the vet as a terrifying experience, Too Cute! was able to make a trip to the vet seem legitimately adorable. Before two four week old Chow Chow puppies could participate in a dog show, they had to go have a check-up at a veterinary clinic. And had to wait their turn. Which took a few minutes. But some whimsical music played, which made to wait somewhat relaxing. In addition, the viewer got to see how these two were unique. One of the Chow Chow puppies, named Oscar, was shown to be a rather impatient puppy. He kept barking and making all sorts of sound that it was a wonder the other puppy, named Tony, could sit in silence compared to his brother. Even the narrator made a comment about how Tony would need to get his ears checked. Hilariously, once the veterinarian actually got to give a check-up on Tony, the first thing he did was check his ears. And after taking a look at the rest of Tony's body and giving him a shot, Tony passed his check-up. Oscar, on the other hand, seemed more apprehensive about his check-up, but even he passed his check-up. Which meant that these puppies were one step closer to participating in actual dog shows.


Too Cute! and Too Cute! Pint Sized were shows that both utilized depictions of cute puppies growing up as a means to attract viewers. To increase the inherent cuteness of the show, some of the puppies got to interact with the world in interesting ways. In the case of the Keeshond puppies, the viewer got to see a litter of nine puppies explore a big yard filled with new friends to interact with. In the segment with Havanese puppies, the viewer got to see a Havanese puppy got on some adorable adventures with a hedgehog. Even seeing two puppies go to the vet was adorable with the right music, and two Chow Chow puppies. Everything was adorable in this show.


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    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      Hazel and Prickle are adorable:)

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 

      3 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      So cute. I love that Chow Chow. I want to touch it now.

      Voted up.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      I love animal. So beautiful!


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