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Top 5 BEST Dogs for Apartments

Updated on November 11, 2012

If you're looking for a lovable companion to hole up in your apartment and greet you at day's end, look no further. This list contains the best 5 breeds of apartment-friendly dogs. While you obviously wouldn't want a Great Dane or English Mastiff bounding around in your apartment, simply picking a "small dog" is not enough. Sure, that cute little terrier might be awfully portable, but something tells me your neighbors might not appreciate his constant yapping while you're at the office. Read on to discover the 5 best dog breeds for apartments, based on size and temperament.

5. Maltese

These small dogs typically weigh in between 4 - 6 pounds and make great apartment dogs. An obvious benefit of this breed is their small stature, but even better is their disposition. Small dogs are known for consistent yapping, but the Maltese is a quiet, well-mannered dog. This breed has a refined, aristocratic look that perfectly matches its personality. A Maltese will be kept happy with a short daily walk and grooming session; aside from needing to brush its coat every day, a Maltese is actually a rather low-maintenance dog, and tends not to shed.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Terriers are known for being a little yappy, but the Yorkshire terrier is an exception. This breed absolutely loves to play, but there's no need to worry about him barking up a storm while you're gone; this rambunctious breed needs to time recharge after play sessions, and is more than willing to wait for your return. These terriers weigh in at about 3 - 7 pounds and should be walked at least 4 times a week. Yorkies grow long, high-maintenance coats that require grooming every 4 - 6 weeks, but these highly intelligent, easy-to-train dogs are worth it.

3. Pug

Pugs are very easy dogs to take care of. These dogs almost never weigh more than 18 pounds, unless overfed, and are usually less than a foot tall. This breed requires very little training and almost no exercise -- in fact, exercise isn't recommended, as Pugs have compact breathing passageways (as evidenced by their "smushed-in" faces). Your Pug doesn't want strenuous exercise; he wants a lap to lay in. This typically low-maintenance dog is offset by a few cons; you have to clean his face to make sure those wrinkles don't get infected, and you'll have to pick up a little more dog hair than you might be comfortable with -- these guys shed.

2. Puggle

A cross between a beagle and pug, this dog combines the best traits of both breeds while leaving out the more annoying traits. Puggles have the playful, friendly demeanor of a beagle without the loud barking or the tendency to be hyperactive. This is a durable, low-maintenance breed that is also intelligent and easy-to-train. The only real drawback of this breed is that due to its rising popularity and "designer dog" status, its price is steadily rising.

1. English Bulldog

One of the laziest dogs around, an English Bulldog is the perfect choice as an apartment dog. These proud, stocky canines don't care how tiny your apartment is; give them a soft place to curl up in and call their own, and they're happy. This breed of bulldog really isn't too concerned with going for walks, either; he'd much prefer to snore softly beside you as you watch TV. And you certainly don't have to worry about him being loud -- as with most things, bulldogs place relaxation on a much higher scale of importance than barking. Just make sure you clean out his face folds every day to prevent infection. Quiet, lazy, loyal and lovable, these dogs are the perfect breed for apartment owners.


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