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Top 10 Dog Food Brands

Updated on April 3, 2013

There is a lot of debate as to which brand of dog food is the best and which brands are to be shunned away from. This situation has arisen out of the recent findings that pet foods are not all that well tested before marketing. However, if the age of today’s pets is anything to go by, then the new age dog foods are finally living up to their reputation. Dogs being carnivorous by nature must have a meat based diet and all the veggie lovers have got to understand that it is healthy for a dog to keep munching away on whole grain and wheat diet all their life. It restricts them physiological in many unknown ways.

There are so many brands of dog food out there that it can often times become a mess trying to distill the best from among them. Instead, let us shortlist some 10 brands that most review panels and surveys agree on as being the top 10 dog food brands. Then based on their ingredients and price, we can rank them in an ascending order.

Tenth: Fromm Adult Gold Dog Food

Fromm is a particularly popular choice among pet owners owing to the variety of products it markets. It has three lineups, one based on flavor, second based on size of dog and the last is its classic lineup with the popular Fromm Adult Gold Dog Food. This is food contains duck, chicken meal, chicken, brown rice and Pearled Barley as its main ingredients. With a high serving of protein and meat, it is easily one of the most nutritious dog foods available and it costs $45 for a large pack.

Ninth: Go Natural Grain Free Endurance Formula

This product from the stables of Petcurean Pet Nutrition Company is a one wonder food. It shall serve the lifetime of a dog right from puppy-hood till seniority. Moreover, it is completely made from natural ingredients and no byproduct or artificial additives thus ensuring that your beloved pet gets only the best source of protein and meat. Go Natural falls below the $50 range.

Eight: Instinct Dog Food

This brand name is the most recommended among the dog food brands. It owes this distinction to the fact that it comes in only three flavors each made from 100% natural ingredients. Moreover, it is packaged dry and grain free thus serving a high ratio of protein to carbohydrates. All instinct flavors contain Tapioca - a glutin free starch for better digestion. Instinct food comes in all sizes and it is meant for all ages of dogs.

Seventh: Wellness Core Dog Food

This is a brand name that aims to market itself by promoting more flavors than the rest. The core ocean flavor is a critic’s favorite and easily find its place in top 10 dog foods as it is one of the few food preparations that are rich in fish proteins thanks to the use of whitefish meal, salmon meal and Menhaden meal along with potato as active ingredients. For all the seafood lovers, here is one brand that will introduce your dog to seafood as well. Prices range from $29.99 to $61.99 depending on the size.

Sixth: Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

This is another recommended dog food. It uses some antioxidants and also a little amount of tomato pomace which has landed it in recent controversies. Regardless, the taste is simply loved by all dogs. It falls under the standard price range of below $45.

Fifth: Merrick Dog Food

No reflection on the 10 best dog food would be complete without the premium priced Merrick dog foods. These preparations are 100% natural and the recipes are original exclusives of Merrick. However, critics and dog lovers argue that it would be better to opt for a few other cheaper alternatives. If it had not been for the price, Merrick would have topped the chart.

Fourth: Artemis Dog Food

Artemis started its dog food brand in 1998 and in this short duration it has made a name for itself thanks to its great marketing team and its large offering of all-natural products. Its Fresh Mix Adult Food finds the most buyers and has taken up the maximum share of the adult food market.

Third: Acana Dog Food

The reason Acana finds itself sitting pretty at the third spot in 10 best dog food chart is that it has a well differentiated lineup of foods based on the age of the dog. Thus, it caters to the puppy stage, adult stage and the senile stage as well. Each stage food differs in its ingredients and has maximum of only those nutrients required for that stage. These are a slightly costlier brand of dog foods but one that shall keep any owner happy.

Second: Horizon Legacy Dog Food

It is a Canadian delicacy that comes laced with 40% protein from its top five ingredients of Fresh Chicken Meal, Chicken meal, turkey meal, peas and pea starch. The presence of pea starch turns a few owners away from it however this dog food has to be the most overlooked one out of the lot. You can get exclusive deals on Horizon Legacy Dog food from E-bay and other online stores.

Numero Uno: Orijen Dog Foods

The only manufacturer that aims to remove grains altogether from dog food and ensures that its preparations contain active ingredients that serve 75%proteins and 25% fat. This is one major factor for it topping the chart of 10 best dog food brands. Contributing to its position here is the fact that it is easily available on the internet and in local stores.


Other than the above chart on top 10 dog foods, there are many more brands that have just narrowly missed out. Moreover, others would rate their best brands differently from this one. One thing is for sure that any best 10 dog food list shall have at least a few out of the above names. For a more thorough research on each of these highlighted brands, you can check out some goof forums and sites listed below.


You too can make your own list using the charts given in these research and forum sites. Regardless, choose one among the top 10 dog food and let your dog get the most balanced and nutritious of diets.


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    • profile image

      dogfond 4 years ago

      This is a great read. I am giving my dog natural dog food and he's never been more active. Looking forward for more posts.