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Top 10 Lists of Weird Animals

Updated on February 3, 2017
Glasswing butterfly
Glasswing butterfly
Sneezing Snub Nose Monkey
Sneezing Snub Nose Monkey
Self Cloning Lizard
Self Cloning Lizard
Stalk Eyed Fly
Stalk Eyed Fly
T-Rex Leech
T-Rex Leech
Squid Worm
Squid Worm
Pink Handfish
Pink Handfish

Just saw a television show that featured a list of weird animals and I wanted to share it to our dear readers. So let’s start counting.

10. Glasswing butterfly: its Spanish name is espejitos", which means “Little Mirrors”. When you look at them their wings really looked like a glass if it wasn’t for its opaque borders you can’t see it when it perched on a leaf. They are not just beautiful creatures; they can be poisonous too, even when they are in a caterpillar stage wherein they feed on poisonous plants.

9. Nudibranch: They have different colors and shape. Although they have several color types but it belongs to only 1 body type. They are hermaphrodite, which means they both lay eggs; they are also carnivores that eat on sea sponges. When you see a nudibranch, best not to touch it because when a creature is so colorful that is a sign that an animal contains toxins that serves as a defense mechanism from their enemies.

8. FrogFish: A type of angler fish that is 2 of the same species but appear completely different. It is weird because when you look at it, it looks like a stone, it doesn't move a lot when they see an enemy.They are good in disguising because they are not moving and thus this serves as their protection. They are very intelligent because they will imitate the predators meal but once eaten they will release toxins that could kill their enemy.

7. Sneezing snub nosed monkey: Discovered in Vietnam, China and Myanmar in 2010. The face is flat, the lips are prominent and the nose upturned. In rainy weather they sneeze this is due to their upturned nasal around their nostrils. When it rains they usually hide their faces between its knees.They are classified as endangered because in China and Vietnam they are being hunted and will serve as a food. They are easily found since when water drops into their snub nose then immediately sneezes and thus they are easily captured. Reportedly in Myanmar, there are only 300 left in the wild. I just hope that people will stop hunting them and let them live and be part of the nature.

6. Self Cloning Lizard: Found in Vietnam in 2010, the all female lizard reproduce by cloning themselves and has the same genetic blueprint. It is an exotic food that the people in Vietnam usually served it in the restaurants that also can be considered as endangered.

5. Simpsons Toad: The toad reproductive habit is very strange since the toad skips its tadpole stage. The female laid eggs on the rain forest floor and hatch from eggs to a toadlets. Just remember when an animal is beautiful that has many colors it is usually for your eyes only that will serve as our protection also.

4. Stalk Eyed Fly: The fly has projections, the eyes are elevated sideways. Its unique features arethe eyes that serve as their antennae that are carried next to the eye at the end of the stalk. How does it fly when there are too far from each other? The peripheral vision is not clear but they have a very good instinct that when they fly they have a good judgment on its distance. When mating the eyes and stalks elongate even more to attract females.

3. T-Rex Leech: A new species of blood sucker was first found in 1997 by doctors who treated a 6 year old boy in Peru and in 2010 discovered in the upper region of the amazon. They can grow up to 7 centimeters, the hook is not proportional since the volume and capacity to suck blood is really enormous. When they suck they don’t let go because they have big teeth that can cause severe headache. It is called T-rex because they are big and has bigger teeth that when they suck they will not let go of their host and that is really dangerous.

2. Squid Worm: Discovered in the Philippines in 2007. It looks really a squid and you cannot imagine it as worm. It is relatively long at 9 centimeters. It’s a worm that has small feet or eight arms for breathing and also has tentacles.

1. Pink handfish: A newly named species that uses hand and fins to walk. They are found in Australia, live deep or at sea bed. Have a face, eyes, mouth and little hands at the side. Swimming is not their best skill instead they use their fins to walk or crawl.

I hope you enjoy reading our list of weird animals :)


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    • JoyLevine profile image

      JoyLevine 4 years ago from 3rd Rock from the Sun

      The Glasswing butterfly has always been a fascinating favorite of mine. They are so intensely unique. Thanks for a lovely article.

    • allelsematters profile image

      Lady Jen Palven 5 years ago from Philippines

      thank you i can for stopping bye and reading our article :)

    • profile image

      ican 5 years ago

      wow!the glass wing butterfly is so beautiful. I hope i can see one in my mom's garden.

    • allelsematters profile image

      Lady Jen Palven 5 years ago from Philippines

      @petweddingtheme4u: Thank you for stopping by!:)

    • petweddingtheme4u profile image

      Becky Grant 5 years ago from Connecticut

      Awsome pictures. Those sea life has beautiful biolumenescence color. Thanks for sharing.

    • allelsematters profile image

      Lady Jen Palven 5 years ago from Philippines

      @iguidenetwork: The nudibranch is an eye catching creature because of it's colors but their are certain places that we can find a unique creatures and maybe it's just around us and we just have to explore and be adventurous with nature.By the way, Thanks for stopping by!:)

    • iguidenetwork profile image

      iguidenetwork 5 years ago from Austin, TX

      The nudibranch displays interesting and beautiful colors. And I wish to see a glasswing butterfly -- where do these insects originate, I wonder? Very nice hub. :)

    • allelsematters profile image

      Lady Jen Palven 5 years ago from Philippines

      yeah they are cute but in Vietnam they are being hunted and i saw a picture a young boy and his father holding a dead snub nosed monkey..:(

    • RhondaHumphreys1 profile image

      Rhonda Humphreys 5 years ago from Michigan

      All of these are new to me too. Truly interesting to read and learn about. the butterfly is just gorgeous. Thank you for a very informative hub. Voted up, interesting and useful.

    • MissDoolittle profile image

      MissDoolittle 5 years ago from Sussex, UK

      Wow, these are all new to me! Very interesting and enjoyed the read, so thanks. The flat nosed monkey looks rather cute.... I'd like to have one of those in my bedroom :)

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 5 years ago

      Very interesting, I had not heard of these animals before today.


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