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World's Richest Animals

Updated on March 19, 2012

It may seem ridiculous to most of us but there are people out there that hold their pets in such high regard that when they die they are willing to leave a fortune to them. Which has made some felines and canines (as well as other animals) millionaires. In some cases not only do the owners of the animals leave millions to them but they also snub living human relatives in the process. It seems that their love of animals sometimes trumps human bonds. The following is a list of some of the worlds richest animals.

Gunther | Source


When Karlotta Liebenstein a german born countess passed away in the early 1990s she left her fortune totaling approximately $145 million to her canine companion Gunther III. When Gunther III died it was inherited by his german shepard offspring Gunther IV. What is on the list of this dogs aquisitions? Estates in the Bahamas, Germany and Italy as well as Madonna's Miami home. He also purchased a rare white truffle in a bidding war in Turin. Seems Gunther's tastes are a little high society.


Kalu was a chimpanzee and the favorite pet of Patricia O'neill who was daughter to the countess of Kenmore. Having rescued the chimp from abuse in Zaire she brought him to her estate in Cape Town, South Africa. While her Olympic swimmer husband was away she changed her will and left all of her money to the chimp the amount totaled $65 million. Suffice to say that her husband was not happy upon his return.

Chimp | Source
World's Richest Cat
World's Richest Cat | Source


Known as the richest cat in the world Blackie inherited a sum of $25 million from her owner Ben Rea. Again the owner completely bypassed his living releatives leaving them out in the cold while securing the future of his feline pal. Blackie is now listed in the Guinness book of world records for her wealth.

Gigoo | Source


This hen belonging to Miles Blackwell was given the sum of $10 million in his will. His wife having predeceased apparently left him without an heir and he left the remainder of his money to his favorite pet.


This maltese terrier belonged to Leona Helmsley also known in New York as the "queen of mean." Upon her death at the age of 87 she left over $9 million to her dog so that he might eat the best of ffods for the rest of his life. Upon the dog's death it is supposed to be buried next to her in the cemetery. Helmsley was as shrewd a business woman as they come and harsh even with her family. While her cat received $9 million she completely cut off her grandchildren and lest them nothing.

Queen Of Mean
Queen Of Mean | Source

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