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Top 100 Dogs Names Male Dogs

Updated on October 6, 2014

A name says so much about your dog. It not only helps us identify the dog but it also tells us about the relationship you have with your dog and also tells much about the personality of your dog. When it comes to choosing a dog name for your male dog, there are several factors such as breed, color or temperament of the dog that you can use to get a name for your male dog. However, you do not have to restrict yourself to these factors. You can choose a male dog name for your dog from some of the most popular and commonly used names.

Choosing a Good Name

There are numerous male dog names that are available from where you can choose a name for your dog. Most male dogs names portray, strength, courage and bravely of the dog. Some of these names have different meaning and from different origins. It is important to note that the name you choose for your dog should fit the personality of your dog. Your male dog will like it if you gave it a name that praised its great personality and its ability to different tasks. Here are some of the great male dog names suggestions that you can consider while hunting for a name for your male dog.

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Most Popular Male Dog Names

the following are the most common or popular male dog names that you can choose from when naming your dog:

  1. Riley
  2. Jake
  3. Buddy
  4. Snoppy
  5. Dude
  6. Guy
  7. Tucker
  8. Rocky
  9. Max
  10. Oliver
  11. Scout
  12. King
  13. Bruno
  14. Calvin
  15. Hobbit
  16. Tyson
  17. Jasper
  18. Bandit
  19. Oscar
  20. Bosco
  21. Louie
  22. Levi
  23. Hank
  24. Sam
  25. Duke,
  26. Casper
  27. Harry
  28. Simon
  29. Bob
  30. Ben
  31. Elf
  32. Winston
  33. Romeo
  34. Murphy
  35. Harley
  36. Jack
  37. Hero
  38. Bono
  39. Bobo
  40. Don
  41. Shadow
  42. Toby
  43. Sammy
  44. Bo
  45. Cooper
  46. Jack
  47. Alpha
  48. Hulk
  49. Bear
  50. Snoops

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Other Great Male Dog Names

This list contains other great names for male dogs :

  1. Harley
  2. Dexter
  3. Teddy
  4. Rufus
  5. Rascal
  6. Cosmos
  7. Simba
  8. Shane
  9. Mac
  10. Happy
  11. Lenny
  12. Hunter
  13. Zeus
  14. Prince
  15. Chico
  16. Ali
  17. Achilles
  18. Otis
  19. Atari
  20. Mickey
  21. Rex
  22. Milo
  23. Lucky
  24. Scooter
  25. Scruffy
  26. Chase
  27. Jax
  28. Midget
  29. Spike
  30. Axel
  31. Scooter
  32. Cisco
  33. Coco
  34. George
  35. Captain
  36. Patches
  37. Felix
  38. Ace
  39. Quincy
  40. Tommy
  41. Arby
  42. Leo
  43. Blue
  44. Cody
  45. Racer
  46. Yoda
  47. Maxwell
  48. Brutus
  49. Alger
  50. Blackie

You do not have to restrict yourself to the above list. You can come up with other great names that best suit your male dog. You can choose a name that tells of the dog’s courage or loyalty. The name can be an expression of your love to the dog or an expression of what you feel about the dog. A dog’s name can help boost the courage and esteem of the dog. You can also give your dog a funny name; however, when choosing a funny name for your dog, choose a name that you will not be embarrassed to call your dog before people.

Choose a name that you will feel comfortable calling your dog before your friends and your family. The name you give to your dog can influence their behavior, it is thus important for you to choose a name that will encourage good behavior and character in your dog. Another factor to consider is the ease of the name, choose a name that is easy for all the members of the family to remember.

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