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Top 5 Amazing Hybrid Animals in the World

Updated on June 11, 2014

Hybrid animals are actually cross breeds of two animals having same Genus.This will not happen naturally in the world but however we can find several Beautiful and Cool Hybrid Animals in the world now.But,in this list i have chosen Five best and coolest hybrid animals in the present world.

After looking at these Hybrids you feel that there are infinite possibilities in this world.There are Hybrid Animals again classified into Single cross Hybrids,Double cross Hybrids,Three way Hybrids and so on which depend on the number of Animals of same genus which mate.So,here i have brought you the list of some amazing Hybrid animals in the world.I hope you like this list and do please comment your views on this List.

5) Zebroid.

A zebroid is a cross breed between a Zebra and any Equine.Equine family consists of Horses,zebras and Donkeys.This is sometimes also called as Zebra mule,zonkey,zebrule etc.They have been living in the world since 19th century.

Zebroids are striped like zebras.But,however these stripes are only present on the legs and neck.Zebroids are more used for riding as they have perfect body structure which helps humans to ride it by sitting over it.You can see the image of Zebroid beside and you can also see that the stripes are not present entire the body but present at only some parts.

4) Cama

Cama is a Hybrid animal between Male Camel and female llama.llama is a south-american Camelid.This hybrid animal was developed in the laboratory during the recent times.The first ever Cama was born on January 14,1998 at Camel reproduction center of Dubai.

This is also a Herbivore like camels and they eat Trees and plants.They also have capacity of storing water and using it for later usage like camels.Their Life span is about 40 to 50 years and they can weigh nearly 500 Kilos with a height of nearly 200 centi-metres.You can see the image of Cama beside this paragraph.

3) Dzo

Dzo is a Hybrid of Male yak and Female domestic cattle.Dzo is actually a male Hybrid while the female hybrid is known as Dzomo.It is also sometimes called in English language as Yakow which is the combination of Yak and cow (Domestic cattle.)

As they are the Hybrid of Yak and Cattle,their weight will be much more greater than that of Yak and the cow.In some countries,many people use these Yakow's as the main producers of Milk and meat as they produce more milk and meat when compared to the cattle.Also,these are mostly found in the regions of Mongolia and Tibet.An image of Dzo is available beside this paragraph.Have a look at it and you can see the resemblance of yak and cattle in it.

Images of Dzo

2) Wholphin

This is it.This is the most extremely rare Hybrid animal in this world.This is a hybrid of male Dolphin and a Female Whale.It is named as Wholphin by combining the words Dolphin and Whale.The first ever wholphin was found in Tokyo and the first one to survive was kekaimalu which was born at sea life park of Hawaii.

This kekaimalu also gave birth to a young one and died after some days.The young one is named as Kawaii Kai which died soon after it's also gave birth to a daughet Wholphin which is named as Pohaikealoha and she has taken care of by the staff of sea life park of Hawaii and it was able to live 9 years.Beside,is the image of Wholphin,the rarest Hybrid animal.

1) Liger

Liger is a Hybrid of Male Lion and a Tigress.It is often called as Half Lion and half tiger.The both parent species belong to Panthera genus.Tigon is a similar type of Hybrid animal which is a Hybrid of a Male tiger and a Lioness.These Ligers are often seen in water as they love swimming which is the characteristic of the parent tiger.These Ligers grow more than the two parent species as they are the Hybrids of the Tiger and Lion.

This Liger is known as the Largest cat ever in this world as it is bigger than Tiger.Ligers can grow up to a height of 3 meters and they can weigh up to 300 Kilograms.Beside,you can see the true image of liger.

Which one look amazing ?

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      Smiley 3 years ago

      This is both street smart and inneillgett.

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      literal 3 years ago from Aotearoa

      This is so bizarre, but really informative. Thanks for that.

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