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Top 4 best large dog kennel- dog cages for your big buddy

Updated on November 13, 2016

A large dog kennel is one of the most important things you must get for keeping a happy balanced relation with your big buddy.

The best models available in the market can grow with your dog even if it is a very large breed making them ideal for both puppies and adult dogs.

Some of the important advantages of a large dog kennel:

- potty training gets easier

-helps to reinforce house rules

-helps to set boundaries and space

-it`s a secure place for the dog to rest

-can be used inside larger vehicles to keep your dog confined to an area: he won`t mess with your driving or chew backseats

Nowadays there are many models available and prices have been kept to reasonable levels thanks to the increasing number of brands that offer good products at decent prices.

When shopping for a big dog kennel there are is a list of essential features that must be checked to have the best value for your money and buy a good product.

1. Size

Since we are talking about larger dogs its very important to choose a crate that can accommodate your dog from puppy to adult size.

2. Layout

Make sure you choose a model that gives enough space for your adult dog to stand , lay down and turn without restrictions. comfortably. Multiple door openings are very convenient.

3. Space

Make sure you choose a model that gives enough space for your adult dog to stand , lay down and turn without restrictions. comfortably. Multiple door openings are very convenient.

4. Doors

Choose a kennel with as many door openings as possible to have more options

5. Bottom tray

Try to get a kennel with a plastic bottom tray: easier to clean

If you intend to use the Kennel for air traveling you must choose one accepted for traveling which is the case of the Petmate model reviewed here.

However there are a few useful tips to prepare your dog so he becomes less anxious when traveling. The main goal is to make the Kennel a pleasant positive place for him to be, so you may want to try these:

-fed your dog for some days inside the Kennel

-put his favorite toys inside

-lay inside the Kennel with him ( 5 minutes per day is ok)

-put some of your clothes inside

Lets have a look on the top 5 best large dog kennels being sold at Amazon

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

The MidWest iCrate is one of the best selling large dog kennels you can find at amazon. Like most products from this MidWest, this kennel is very well put together with a very competitive price just under $67.

It has a plastic tray on the floor that is very easy to remove when you need to clean it which is one of the most convenient features a kennel can have. and the crate collapses very easily.

In terms of setting it up a double sliding locking mechanism makes this operation very smooth and fast so even if you are short on time or are not the strong type it can be done very fast.

Another positive is the partition on the inside that enables for you to adjust size as your puppy grows into a full adult large dog.

Being completely collapsible, the crate becomes very easy to carry or put on storage.

Finally the crate is made out of coated steel which prevents rusting and makes cleaning a lot easier.

Now the bad things about this model..

Some units are sold with unpolished details like sharp edges on the outside or frames that doesn`t fully snap together.

If your dog is not a calm obedient one this crate might not be the one since some owners reported their agitated pets were able to unlatch from the inside and escape

Main features

  • crate folds flat
  • Rounded corners
  • safety and secured slide-bolt latches
  • dimensions 42L x 30W x 28H in
  • easy-to-clean plastic floor pan
  • can be folded or set in under 2 minutes

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

The Amazon Basics crate is one of the best-selling Kennels at Amazon with more than 2,000 units sold at a very attractive price of $47.

It is a sturdy simple product very simple to unfold with just an easy lift and has all the nice features we are after in a kennel for a big dog.for an adult to carry.

When we touch the crate the first impression is of a thick and sturdy metal unit that will survive even the strongest agitated dog.
There are 2 doors on the Kennel ( side and front) and a useful divider for you to restrict space for your puppy so potty training gets easier.our big dog pushes hard against the door the metal won`t bend or twist for a long time.

Now for the less accomplished things about the AmazonBasics crate;

The way latches were installed makes it hard to unlock the doors so it takes some practice to make the operation smooth.

Like most models analyzed, the instructions are not that clear but this can be overcome since its very intuitive the way its supposed to be set. Rough jagged edges are also a negative but this can also be very random as it depends on the month or even day it was assembled due to a miscalibrated machine on the plant they are made.

Main features

  • double door design
  • Rounded corners
  • efficient divider-adjust the size of the crate as your dog needs it
  • dimensions 48L x 30W x 30.5H in
  • washable plastic floor pan
  • can be folded or set in under 2 minutes

OxGord Double-Door

The OxGord Kennel is one of the biggest you can find in the market ( 48" version) so if you have a really big dog like a great dane this one might be perfect.

Big doesn`t necessarily mean heavy since it is made out of a light steel that makes pretty easy to set up or break down flat and carry around folded.

If you travel with your dog this crate is also very good since it can be placed inside the trunk or backseat so you and your buddy can have the space well-defined and avoid unsafe distractions while driving.

The plastic tray that stays on the bottom is also very useful as it can be removed for cleaning and its made out of plastic that is comfortable for your dog.

Now for the less accomplished things about this Kennel.

If you own a particularly anxious dog that tends to chew things or dig with its pawns this model might not be for you.

The same applies to the floor tray that a strong agitated dog can tore and eat since the plastic is not ultra resistant.

So in the end what really determines if this large dog Kennel is the right for you is the type of dog you have: a calm normal adult dog will be just fine, but a very anxious and hyperactive pet will probably shorten the life of this crate.

Main features

  • quick and easy assembly
  • removable and washable floor tray
  • handy carrying handle
  • dimensions 48L x 29W x 32H in
  • convenient divider panel
  • 2 door system included

Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

The Petmate is a sturdy and durable Kennel that raises the bar in quality and functionality.

Size wise it can accommodate as far as a large Great Dane although he won`t be able to chase his tail inside the kennel.

It is very easy to assemble in under 5 minutes and very practical especially if you plan air travel with your dog-please check with your airline if it is 100% approved since some companies only allow Kennels with full metal bolts.

Despite being a closed design the air vents enable even the biggest dog to feel comfortable inside which is very important for longer journeys. One of the good things is a slightly raised inside to prevent the kennel getting soaked inside in case of flood.

In terms of quality it is made out of pretty thick plastic with a sturdy top handle for easy transportation.

This Kennel has also some faults that must be addressed by the manufacturer so we can have a perfect product.

The locking mechanism should be reinforced as it tends to break after a few journeys back and forth. A spare set of metal bolts should also be included since some airline companies only allow the shipment of the Kennel with those.

Main features

  • easy-open squeeze latch
  • vents on both side walls
  • tie-down strap holes
  • dimensions 48L x 32W x 35H in
  • airline approved Kennel most of the times ( confirm before flight)


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