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Miniature Schnauzer: information, pictures, characteristics

Updated on April 26, 2013

1. Schnauzers don't SHED! My wife and I love our little guy for many reasons, but a clean house really is the icing on the cake. Here are 89 dog breeds that don't shed.

2. Schnauzers (mini, regular, and giant) are very smart. They learn very quickly. Our dog was housebroken in a matter of weeks, and only had one accident. He knows over 20 commands, as well as our names (where's John? he will find John).

3. They have great personalities. Our dog loves to greet us when we get home. He is always in a good mood. He is very inquisitive.The best personality trait they display is their loveable nature. They love to cuddle and give kisses.

4. Schnauzers come in a great variety of sizes and colors. Our mini is 17 lbs. A standard Schnauzer can weigh 40 lbs, and Giant Schnauzers are even bigger. The colors are also vaired. We have a black male. White, Salt'n'Pepper. and Black are the KC recognized colors.

5. Schnauzers are very healthy. Some breeds (Sharpei, Greyhound, Bulldog, Great Dane) are prone to certain diseases. The schnauzer, however, is a very healthy dog breed with a long life expectancy.

6. The miniature schnauzer has a low cost of ownership. At 17 lbs, our little guy doesn't eat us out of house and home. His shots, haircuts, food, etc all add up to a mere few hundred dollars a year. If that sounds like a lot, you don't know much about owning a (healthy) dog.

7. The schnauzer is a useful dog breed. No, he can't stop an intruder, but he will sertainly announce his arrival. Schnauzers are very watchful and outspoken. They warn owners of intruders, noises, animals etc very quickly. Schnauzers were bred to kill rats in NYC, so they are also very good at keeping your home free of annoying rodents.

8. They are very athletic. Our dog can jump over three times his height in the air. He stands 11 inches tall but can clear a 36 inch couch without touching it. He is fun to watch as he sprints, chases, jumps, etc.

9. Schnauzers are very considerate dogs. Our dog has wrestled, mouthed, and played with us in a variety of ways without ever biting us. His teeth will grip hard as I yank on his ball, but if my hand gets near his teeth he immediately changes his grip or lets go. He is always careful to protect us from everything including himself.

10. Miniature Schnauzers are very affectionate. My dog loves me too much. When we are out of town he watches for us at our inlaws house. When I get home, he wants to cuddle with me for at least 10 minutes. If we are near, he wants to be with us, no one else will do.


Griffin has been a part of our family since 2007
Griffin has been a part of our family since 2007 | Source

About our Miniature Schnauzer

We've had our mini schnauzer since 2007. His name is Griffin. He was given to us. We held him the day he was born, and he wrapped us around his little paws. We never thought about getting a Schnauzer, but now that we have him, we love him. He has forever made us Schnauzer enthusiasts.

our schnauzer playing soccer


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