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Trail Riding as a Horse Training Tool

Updated on September 26, 2013

High Strung Horses

In search of techniques to soothe your nervous horse? It is beneficial to know a horses natural demeanor delves from the predatorial flight stimulus developed in herd living. This natural tendency is accentuated by stressful moments, over-instruction or frequently, boredom. Trail riding is often used as a therapeutic problem solver for an edgy horse.

Performance Horses Have Tough Schedules



Regardless whether your equine is actually a trail riding professional or possibly a competitor, the advantages of a pleasant leisure ride within a peaceful forest are amazing.

While horses are incredible creatures who give a lot of themselves through rigorous training and competition, they're also buddies and the most amazing of creatures. Not simply will the soothing walk-through the woods train and relax, it will likewise provide them with an opportunity to be loved and cared for.

Many training professionals utilize this method for cooling down or simply a break in monotony. Even if there are not trails near your facility, it is often beneficial to simply walk them around new environments which require focus and new navigation. There are also many horse riding trails associated with state owned nature parks. These are terrific because they offer places for trailers, water and often small paddock or tying areas for the convenience of the equestrian.

It is important to insure safety when riding trails, regardless of your experience. One should never go alone as accidents can occur and help may be needed. Of couse this is a worse case scenario but it is better to be safe than sorry. While the trails can be stimulating and relaxing at once; they are new and may offer dangers which are new to a young horse or beginning rider. Fallen trees or branches, pools of water and wildlife are examples which could spook a horse who is unaccustomed to this type of training. Therefore always be sure to bring a friend and stay focused.

Another advantage for trail riding is the immense physical excercise derived. Trails are often heavily sanded or have hills and valleys. This is terrific for building strength, especially in the legs. Trainers may use trails as an extension of their fitness program by having the horse jog or canter through the obstacles, hills and cresses. What is great is the change in pace and rather than the usual arena or racetrack, your horse will gain strength from the absorption of a new surface as well as inclinational differences.

Leisure Walks are Theraputic


Balancing the Schedule

Numerous performance based education, for instance, dressage or show horses undertake a substantial routine. This balance amongst programs, show rings and sale opportunities as well as continuous pressure is challenging on each the horse and equestrian. A horse will, when burdened, assume the personality of high strung, stubborn, hot or difficult to handle.

Trail riding provides the equestrian a chance to do away with the daily expectations of education and present them some time for leisure. A nice walk or slow ride through the woods is a pleasurable experience for the curious equine and an enhanced mindset will commence. No matter the breed, the rewards remain the identical.

Trail Riding Connects Horse and Rider


The Young and The Restless

Whilst most riders and trainers might be hesitant bringing a high strung, strong race horse or simply a young beginner on a jaunt through the woods; trail riding can be an extremely helpful and peaceful approach. Not merely is this calming for a horse already bred for being anxious it can also be an amazing training tool for the green horses who are young and a bit ancy. A green horse might possibly be uncertain, initially because they are being introduced to a brand new atmosphere. The end result, nevertheless, is a deep interconnection amongst the horse and rider. The green horse will automatically search their rider for instruction and expertise, particularly in new areas. The new surroundings allows the horse to pay careful attention to the riders actions and methods of training as they are going to have confidence in their leader to steer them towards safety.

Trail Riding Know How

Regardless of the type of horse or area of expertise, trail riding can be a terrific teaching aid. Always remember to be safe and bring someone along for the ride. Be sure the area where you are riding is suitable for your horse; generally a trail created specifically for equestrian use is ideal. The benefits effect both owner and equine and the relaxation will provide a much more suitable and happy horse for future endeavors.


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    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

      I loved trail riding when I had a horse. That was always my favorite because it let me really get in touch with nature. I rode western, though. ;) Thanks for this hub! Awesome! And too bad you live in Gainesville...we could've started a coven together. :(

    • dagny roth profile image

      dagny roth 5 years ago from Neverland

      I agree Jennifer...thanks for stopping by!

    • jenniferrpovey profile image

      jenniferrpovey 5 years ago

      A good reminder that just riding in an arena is likely to fry your horse. Thank you.