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Training Your New Dog

Updated on June 21, 2016

Training a new dog can be very difficult. The saying is, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." In fact, you can. My fiance and I recently adopted his mothers dog. She is a chihuahua, rat terrier mix. The hardest part we are having with her right now, is getting her not to pee in the house. I know small dogs have small bladders and they go more often, but there is a way, at least with her, to help train them. What we do is, we lock her in the kitchen while we are gone at work. We surround her with all her toys, her bed, favorite blanket, fresh cold water, and fresh food. We also keep any carpeting out of the kitchen. She only likes to pee on the carpet. Your dog may be the same, or she may be different. Ours never pees on the hardwood, or the tile we have. Only carpeting. That's why putting her in the kitchen is the best solution for us. Not every dog is the same, so you just have to watch your dogs pattern, and go from there.

A lot of people, want to use those puppy pads to help train their dogs. I believe they are a bad idea. They just teach the dogs that it is okay to go in the house. I would rather my dog have an accident on the floor, be scolded for it, and learn that they shouldn't use the bathroom inside the house.

Our dog, also likes to play when it is bed time. I have found a perfect solution for this. Take your dog for a long walk before going to bed. Even play with the dog a little outside. Let them run, and get rid of all that extra energy. Doing this, it tires them out, and they want to sleep just as you do. To keep them occupied too, always keep their toys near them. For me, it is easier to sleep when she is playing with her toys on the floor, then running on the bed trying to wake us up.

It is not easy getting used to having a dog, or even "re-training" the dog out of their bad habits, but it is possible. You have to keep pushing through, and keep at the training, and it will get better.


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