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Transfer Factor Plus For Dogs

Updated on August 29, 2014

Transfer Factors for your pets

Take care of your dogs health 4Life!

I came across this great video in which describes how the power of transfer factor plus helps dogs and other pets to maintain great health. The science behind is a moleculein in the woman's colostrum discovered back in 1949 by Dr. Sherwood Lawrence. When women gives birth to a child and she breast feeds, the molecule gets transferred to the babies immune system. What this molecule does is it registers every illness and disease that the mother has had and keeps record of how her immune system defeated it. When she passes that molecule (I like to think of it as a ball of information) over to the babies immune system, it can now protect it self from illness and diseases because its immune system has gotten stronger.

When I looked more into it I found out that a company called 4life Research, based out of Utah, USA, back in 1998 decided to get the patent for this molecule and extract it not from the woman's colostrum but from cows colostrum and also in egg yolk. Why? Well their medical team of doctors and researchers found out that it increased the immune system 437%, more than any other natural product out there when they got it from cows or egg yolk. This product is called "Transfer Factor Plus" I personally started taking it and was amazed by how great I felt. I personally suffered from horrible allergies every year and once I started taking TF+ it has basically, in my opinion, has helped to take away the allergies I had each year because of how strong my immune system is! The best part is I'm not the only one there are many testimonials out on-line, it has done amazing things for the human body as well as our furry friends. Read more about TF+ here -->

Dog Soft Chew Treats

4Life Transfer Factor Canine Complete

They soon got a group of veterinarians and nutritional scientists to make a product aimed toward dogs and other pets as well! I started to use this one for my poodle mix and she loves the all natural dog food as they are made with the best ingredients to insure she lives a long and energetic life. The organic dog food they have is called "4Life Transfer Factor Canine Complete" in which it does the following: balanced nutrition, valuable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. While providing the 25 vitamins and minerals that is essential to have a healthy dog. Want more info? Click Here -->

Organic Dog Treat!

Great all natural doggy treat with transfer factor plus! I always give this to my dog and she love it.

Thank You For Reading This!

Check everything out and I hope I have been some help in guiding you through what exactly Transfer Factor Plus for dogs is. It has been a blessing in my life for my dog and I. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

The Science Explained!

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