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Travel Dog Food Bowls

Updated on July 10, 2012

When you travel with your dog, it's important to bring along his own food to prevent upset stomach or other issues whilst on holiday. If you're traveling by car or some sort of recreational vehicle, it's easy to bring along a big bag of dog food if you're of a mind to; but if you're going by train or if you're traveling with others, there may not be room for such things. More importantly, why haul around a 15kg bag of dog food if you only need enough food for the weekend? Today's pet industry has come up with modern marvels in the form of dog food travel bowls, which can do everything from store your pet's food, to serve it.

Dog Food Bowl Travel-Tainer

This very cool dog food travel-tainer not only carries enough food for several days, the blue end containers serve as food bowls. If you've got two dogs, that makes this very, very convenient as each pooch gets his own bowl. If you've got one dog, you could use one travel bowl for food and one for water. Unlike travel food dishes that tie closed, this one will keep your dog's food more fresh.

Popware Collapseable Travel Feeder for Dogs

Popware makes this very, very cute travel feeder for pets and, as the name implies, the bowls collapse when not in use, as does the tray itself. These can serve as water and food dishes, or two food bowls if you're traveling with two dogs who don't mind eating directly next to one another. Each travel bowl is 20 oz. and they can be washed in the dishwasher. The bowls themselves can be removed if you want to take one along on a day hike for water or treats.

Ruff Dawg Travel Bowl

I think this Ruff Dawg travel dog food bowl is very cool. It's hard enough to stand up to a guzzler or gobbler, whilst still being soft enough to roll up as you see in the photo. Whether you want to use it for water or food, it's made of non-toxic materials and comes in a variety of colors.

Bergen Travel Dog Bowl

Now this is a very interesting travel dog food bowl from Bergen! It's a combination travel product which stores both water and dog food! The little trough you see in the front fills up when you unplug it, and the lid on top goes to the food container. It can hold 1 gallon of water and 2 cups of dog food, which makes it perfect for day trips.

Planet Dog Travel Bowl

Planet Dog makes this polyester travel food and water bowl for those who'd like something they can stuff away in their backpacks and not worry about the shape. If you're carrying your own water bottle around, you can just pull this out of your backpack as needed to water Fido. Or, if you've got food packed away in your knapsack, simply serve it in this cute little bowl.


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