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Tropical Fish List

Updated on August 8, 2013
Author's heavily planted, natural aquarium.
Author's heavily planted, natural aquarium. | Source

There is nearly an endless supply of tropical fish species for the home aquarium. Here are three that I have enjoyed keeping over the years. I will add more species as time allows. Keep tuned in for complete, natural care for these and many more aquarium and pond fish species!

Peacock Eel In Sandy Substrate
Peacock Eel In Sandy Substrate | Source
Peacock Eel.  Elvis died because I did not realize there was a rough rock buried in my sand. By the time I saw the lesions it had caused, it was too late.  This was a wonderful fish and my negligence killed him. Be careful about rocks, guys!
Peacock Eel. Elvis died because I did not realize there was a rough rock buried in my sand. By the time I saw the lesions it had caused, it was too late. This was a wonderful fish and my negligence killed him. Be careful about rocks, guys! | Source

Neon Tetra:

One of the most popular fish in the aquarium trade, the neon tetra is an easy fish for beginners. They grow to around one-inch in length and readily take flaked foods. Neons prefer soft, acidic water and plenty of dark places to hide. Before adding your tetras, make sure your tank has seasoned fully. Most tetras deaths are because they were dumped in a tank that had not aged long enough.

Provide as many live plants as possible so your fish feel secure and always have clean water. The plants will also provide a place for them to spawn. Neons will eat their babies so many densely planted species is necessary.

A schooling fish, keep as many neons in your tank as can safely fit. Encourage a tight schooling instinct by adding larger fish to the aquarium. Choose a species that will not attack or eat your neons. Provide your tetras with an aquarium around ten gallons or larger.

Three-spot Gourami:

Three-spots are a pretty large fish. The males can attain a length of around six inches, with females being a bit smaller. Provide soft, acidic water and a lot of cover for your gourami. They prefer still water so make sure at least part of the tank lacks much water-flow.

This gourami, especially the males, can be aggressive to every fish in your tank. This is very true during breeding times. Sometimes you get lucky and they co-exist with their tank mates. Provide sheltered areas that smaller fish, such as tetras, can easily hide in, in case the gourami decides to eat them. Three-spots will eat smaller tetras and other species.

Peacock Eels:

Peacock eels are a lot of fun to keep. They are easy to care for and require smaller tanks than other spiny eels. Peacocks grow between six inches up to a foot, or so long. Provide your peacocks with a 15-gallon or larger tank. Try to keep at least two or three, as they prefer the company of other peacocks. As your eels grow, bump them up into a larger tank.

Always provide a sandy substrate for your spiny eels. Gravel and other rough textures will eventually cause lesions that will kill your eels. Peacocks love to bury themselves into the substrate to hide and ambush prey.

Feed your peacocks live tubiflex worms, mosquito larvae, earthworms, fairy shrimp, ghost shrimp, tiny feeder fish and other small prey. Over time, you can probably train your peacocks to eat prepared foods. Provide lots of plants as cover and try to include hollow logs, or at least sections of PVC pipe for them to hide in.

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